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Upload! January 30th 2018

This whole month of January there hasn't been anything uploaded that's really caught my eye until tonight. Totally eyeing the Blissful Zen Sweater in so merlot. I think so merlot is a gorgeous shade of berry red. I'm also digging persian blue in the Breeze By Hooded Tank. I'm so ready for spring! So I have a bunch of stuff in my cart. Don't know if I'll pull the trigger on anything yet, I'm hoping to get to a store this weekend. We'll see. Sherlock is still taking up a lot of my time!

Anything for you? What did you think of tonight's upload?

(I have this in my cart, I'm leaning towards size 2 since it says there's room to layer)

(I can't decided between this and so merlot so I have both of them in my cart lol)

(I kinda love this! Not sure how practical it is for working out though)

(I'm a huge fan of this tank, I have four!)

(Really loving this in the redwood color)

(I kinda want this too. I don't have any gray leggings)

(This looks gorgeous in this color)


  1. The Blissful Zen sweater looks super cozy! I'm not sure how I feel about the slits going all the way to the armpits, but for the color, I'm willing to give it a shot :)

    1. It really does! I'm a little weary of the slit too, but still tempting. I hope to get to a store over the weekend!


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