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My Christmas Wish List!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I'm pretty much done. Just have to pick up a couple of gift cards and that's it. Every year I like to make a list of what's on my wish list. What's on yours?

(I keep waiting for this to go on sale for 50% off but so far it hasn't!)

(I recently bought a pair of black Dr Martens and I'm obsessed with them!)

(Unless I win the lotto I won't be getting a Birkin anytime soon, but a scarf? That might happen one day)

(This one I love because of the headphones silhouette, pretty cool. Plus it's an awesome Lush song.)

(I'm a sucker for leather jackets.)

(I just dyed my hair a dark purple, so I think this would look great with my hair!)

Why is there nothing from Lululemon? Because I just received my giant order from them and there's nothing else that I want at the moment! 😂