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A Year in Review!

I've only started buying Lululemon at the start of 2015.  I know, I am pretty late to the party.  Let me say that I will only admit this here, I spent a whopping total of $6,728 in Lululemon purchases this year.  When I obsess over something, I obsess!  It's like I have a one track mind.  This can be very good, and also very bad.  But because I know I obsess over things I kept an excel spread sheet with every Lululemon purchase I made this year.  However I did end up selling 8 pieces on Ebay and will probably list up a few more over the upcoming weeks.  I didn't subtract that from the total.

This year for 2016, I want to be really selective over what pieces I buy because I already feel like I've got a superfluous amount of athleisure wear.  But my favorite pieces from 2015 in no particular order is as follows:

1. Herringbone Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants.  These are so comfortable, soft and warm.  I wear them with sneakers and even boots. 

2. High Times Pant in Heathered Bordeaux.  So comfortable and they go with anything. 

3. Swiftly Racerback Tanks.  I wore these in the summer and for running.  Best tanks ever!

4. Scuba Hoodie III in Bark Berry.  This is my go to hoodie.  I love how soft it is.

5. Vinyasa Scarves.  I own 4 of them and wear them almost daily.

6. Run Speed Shorts.  These are the best running shorts.  Period.

 7. Workshop Galaxy Leggings.  Ok this one isn't Lululemon, but I already wore these for working out, yoga, and walking all day and they are so comfortable!  I want a few more.

8. Down For A Run Vest in Berry Rumble.  Super cute and fitted.  I just got it, but I love it.

9. The Daily Hoodie in Heathered Bark/Gray.  How can I not love this?  I took a picture with Aaron Paul on the day I got married!

10. Free To Be Wild Bras.  I own about 8 of them and wear them constantly.  I prefer this over regular bras.  

And for honorable mention, back in October when I had my wedding banquet I had an athleisure themed wedding.  I wore my Define Jacket with my Swiftly Racerback with Herringbone Hi-Rise WU.  

This is me and my BFF.  

What's your top ten?


  1. Happy New Year. I appreciate your reviews and posts. Like you, I started shopping at anthropologie and then realized my $ were better spent at LLL. Whatever helps to keep us fit! I don't have a top 10, but continue to wear my swiftlies and LLL running gear faithfully. Looking forward to your 2016 posts.

  2. BQGirl- Thank you for reading! If there's anything you're looking for and would like to see a review of, let me know. I'm kind of in walking distance to a Lululemon store in Boston. Happy New Year!


  3. Lucky you! I wish I lived closer to a store, though I can't complain because living in the greater Toronto area, I do have access to several locations. Have you tried on the five-mile long sleeve?

  4. I actually don't drive, so I do a lot of walking. The nearest store to me is about a 30 minute walk, and I don't mind it as long as it isn't too cold, so I may stop by Wednesday or Thursday to check out the new stuff. I did see the five-mile long sleeve, but I didn't try it on. I have dry hands in the winter and when I touched the sleeve the fabric stuck to my hands, so it's sort of scratchy. I didn't think it was worth the $78 price tag! But I'll try it on next time I'm there!

  5. I love your blog!!! Keep writing and I will keep checking! Love, Jojo


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