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Store Try Ons! Back To It Hoodie, Swiftly Racerback, Sole Training Crop

This weekend I went to two different Lululemon stores and neither of them had the NTS Jacket. But I did get to try this super comfortable hoodie, but it's not very flattering. It's kind of boxy on me but boy is it super soft!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms unless otherwise stated.

I'm wearing this in a size 2 and I found it to be very roomy. You can safely size down in this hoodie. For $118, I didn't totally love it. It definitely looks better in person than it does on the models. Maybe I'll reconsider if it goes on WMTM.

I got to try on a bunch of new Swiftly tanks in all the new colors. They're new to me since I haven't been to a Lulu in more than a month.  

Swiftly Racerbacks in Dark Olive, Illuminight, Midnight Navy.

Illuminight Size 4

I thought the Illuminight tank was a little on the thin side, the color was nice enough, but I wasn't completely loving it. Maybe it was the bra I was wearing that day. Too much peekage of the bra turns me off. I'm wearing the Free To Be Zen bra BTW. I still prefer the Free To Be Wild bra over it.

Dark Olive Size 4

I like the Dark Olive a little more, but again I wasn't thrilled with it. Also felt thin like Illuminight. They are both very soft though. Hmmm, I thought I took a photo of the Midnight Navy but I guess I didn't! Sorry! But it was the same like the other two. I wasn't impressed.

Next up, is the Sole Training Crop in Poseidon. It fit very well in the waist and thighs. However I had the baggy ankle syndrome. So this is not petite friendly at all. Unfortunately I couldn't tell if these were opaque in the bend test because I was wearing dark underwear.

Ugh, smudgy fingerprints on the mirror! 

You can see how loose it is at my ankles.

 The next day I went to another store and again, no NTS Jacket for me to try, but they did have the black white Swiftly I was eyeing from the latest upload and what do you know, it came home with me. To be honest I had a gift card so I didn't spend any money on it!

Swiftly Racerback Black White Size 4

This wasn't super tight like some of my other Swiftly tanks, so this is a more comfortable fit. I do think it's different from my other Swiftly tanks and I will be selling one of my older ones, probably a blue. I have so many blues.

I'm debating if I want to place an order for the NTS Jacket since it's so hard to find? Has anyone seen it at the stores yet? I also want to order a CRB in Pima cotton to try.

That's it for me! I also stopped by Athleta, and will have another store try post up soon! Hope you all have a great Monday!



  1. Oh yes, i love this swiftly in black/white in you.
    Back to it hoodie looks cute boxy cape and I definitely wait for wmtm.

    1. Thanks! I also have some Athleta coming up, I think they have been much better than Lulu lately.


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