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USA / Canada Upload! February 21st 2016

A whole lotta Body Con items uploaded tonight, but also a whole lotta mesh included, so I'm not very interested. Although interestingly enough Lululemon brought back the original Cool Racerback, but is it just me or does the back look different?

Nothing for me, since I'm still on a ban. Good news is we are almost done! Just 7 days left to go! We can do it!!! In other news, Werkshop is releasing a new collection this week. That's probably what I'm going to buy, when the first day of March rolls around, haha.

How are you all doing on your ban?

(is it just me or does it look like they compressed the T strap in the back so it's shorter? still also looks narrow to me than from the original version)


  1. Ahhh nothing nothing... even though og crb came back, im little hesitated to take them at original price. I guess im too spoiled from last outlet purchase.

    1. I realized i don't wear my CRBs much anymore. I have about 5 of them and I reach for the once in a while only...


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