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What We Love! March 24th 2016

Sorry for the late update.  I've been frantically packing for the big move to Atlanta.  My updates on the blog will be sporadic until we are fully settled into our new home.  Right now I'm sitting in a mostly empty apartment.  The POD we ordered is packed and already on its way down to Atlanta.  We will be making our way by car and our cat by next week.  Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

So this week the only thing I might be interested in is the High Times Pant in Zinfandel.  I'll have to try it on and see.  I do love the High Times Pant over the Wunder Unders.


  1. good luck with the move ... very exciting! I also much prefer the high times to wunder unders. not sure I can justify the deep Zinfandel since I already have Bordeaux drama, but I also just bought two black swiftlies. lol.

  2. I may get them. But I'll wait until I can get to a store and see them in person. Hopefully I won't like them!

  3. Hey! I went to my store and tried on the &go When You're Cold Wrap but I didn't like it enough to buy it! It looks great open but I didn't like it closed. It was also very stiff and didn't feel cozy, which was a turn off. Also, the hood looks totally awful when you put it on. For $168+tax I have to love it and I didn't so it stayed at the store.

    I went to the store specifically for this Wrap but ended up getting the Bring It Backbend sweater in grey and the Turn Jacket. Want expecting these items to look so good!

    1. I love the Backbend sweater! The grey looks so luxurious. I'll have to see if the store has it the next time I'm there. I would love the Turn Jacket, I don't think the US has it though?!

  4. Both the Turn Jacket and Backbend sweater are now "old stock." I got the last Turn Jacket at my store. There were only a few of the grey Backbend left, no black ones, and only one of the Minty Pink. They are all sold out online. I was actually slow in buying these items.


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