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Fit Review- Lululemon TechLoom Phantom Shoe Glow in the Dark

I was curious about these running shoes only because they were glow in the dark. I wanted to know how well they really glowed. I purchased a size 5 but I probably should have gotten the 5.5 to allow thicker socks. I could get these on with thin socks but they were really snug around the ankle and I can see how some might not even be able to get their foot all the way in if you have wide feet.  It wasn't very comfortable at all to wear. I also didn't really like how the shoe laces came out from the inside of the shoe. 

It kind of didn't make sense and I couldn't figure out how to tie them properly. The instructions said you can thread them through the hole inside the shoe but I couldn't figure it out. The shoe laces are really long, so I couldn't see where you can tuck them inside the shoe? Didn't make any sense to me at all. And tying them from the inside made them sit uncomfortably on the ankle as you can see in the below picture.

The glow in the dark feature is pretty awesome though. You do need to let them sit in the sun for a few minutes so they can charge properly. I took them to the darkest room inside my condo aka the closet and it glowed amazingly! I was pretty impressed. I didn't test to see how long the charge would hold, but I would guess the longer you leave them in the sun, the better the charge. 

After I fiddled with the laces for a bit, I decided that if you looped the laces so they come out of the outside of the shoe, you can tie them like a normal sneaker and that seemed to be the easiest thing to do. I ended up returning these, but I would say to order your normal sized running sneaker, instead of your shoe size.  I normally wear a 5.5 to sometimes a 6 running sneaker. I definitely should have stuck with 5.5 at the very least. I could have possibly fit a size 6 depending on the thickness of my running sock. 

If you want to give these a try for yourself you can check them out on Lululemon's website.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm enjoying NYC very much. My little nephew is getting so big! This week I'll be hanging out with some friends and spending time with my family here. I'll have a NYC post coming soon!