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WMTM & Update on More Than Modal Pant

Happy Friday everyone! Unfortunately this week has been super crazy for me. I haven't had time to go to the store after work to do a fit review. 😩 I know a lot of you look forward to my fit review Fridays and trust me I do too! I had a big post coming up for today, but then Lulu decided to take a whole week to ship my goodies. Totally upended my plans. So I apologize for that. I will do a photo shoot this weekend and I'll be heading to Lululemon to return my More Than Modal Pant (I'll explain why). But first, we have a few items worth noting about on WMTM.

(I'm surprised to find these tees already on WMTM)

A few weeks ago I went to the store and purchased the light gray More Than Modal Pant. I have a fit review of them here. I totally love how soft they are and wore them around the house. After one wash I noticed two small holes and some fraying near one of the pockets.

Hole along the top of the waistband. Not good.

Another hole near one of the pockets along with a bit of fraying from the hole.

This weekend I'll head over to the store to return them. I always take care of my Lulu items and I'm super careful about washing them. I won't even let my husband do my Lulu laundry. Like, never. These also bagged out at the knees. It was so bad, my husband noticed it and men never notice anything. I'm pretty disappointed in these. I never even wore them out of the house! This is the first time I'm returning a Lulu item because of the quality. For $98+tax, this is unacceptable. 

In other news, I wanted to share a photo of my desk! My office recently renovated and I have the best view and the best space. That is Arabescato marble straight from the same quarry that produced Michelangelo's David. It arrived from Italy on a boat! It's so pretty and it makes going to work that much better.

And this is probably super silly, but I bought a marble S'well bottle to match. 😂 Because I'm a little crazy like that. Is there such thing as too much marble? 

That's all for today. Hope you all have a great weekend!! 


  1. Sorry to hear that your More Than Modal trousers didn't work out! I just got my Athleta order today (let me know if you want pics of anything): Stripes Chaturanga capri Indigo/White, Chi longsleeve tops in black and white, fully focused bra in black and white and Coaster Jogger Grey Heather (modal). The modal joggers are heavenly...I want to live in them!!! They are still on sale in XS (hint hint, wink wink) :)

    1. I can't remember if I tried the Coastal Joggers at the store, they didn't have petite and just regular XS and they were too big...

      Thanks! Me too!

  2. Sorry for what happened to your more than modal pants. I heard it's super delicate, but clothes are mean to be wear and wash. I was expecting your fit review but i can wait. I love your fit review. It always helps me a lot. My athleta order will be here tomorrow!! The expected shipping arrival was next tuesday and suddently it says it will be here tomorrow. I'm so excited!!

    1. Awesome!! Definitely let me know what you think about the tie dye tight!

    2. Btw my lulu order got home today. I love fit of new hotty hot but not so much in love with the color yet. I wish new hotty hot in dark chrome or quicksand. Speed shorts in aerial drift was underwhelmed. Im returning them without scond thought.

    3. Wow I'm surprised about the speed shorts. They look really nice on the website. Maybe they look better in crops instead? I wish they had this print in Nulux.

  3. Who cares about the bottle, I'm in LOVE with your nails!!!!!!! I'm kidding, I'm a sucker for marble anything.


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