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Reviews for Vinyasa Scarf Fleece, Scuba Hoodie III, Free To Be Wild Bra, Athleta Icecap Vest

Thanks to 2 day shipping, I received my order on Christmas Eve in a giant Lululemon box.  I've never ordered so much before that they had to send it in a box and not one of their shipping envelopes.  They also sent me a Lululemon black shopping tote that reminds me a lot like Tumi.

Clockwise from the top- Free to Be Wild Bra in Static Mist, Vinyasa Scarf Fleece in Flashback Static Tender Violet, Scuba Hoodie III in Static Mist, Scuba Hoodie III in Star Pixel Raspberry.

I'm returning the FTBW bra.  The splotches of gray on the left side just makes the bra look dirty.  Not a fan!  

The Vinyasa Scarf is unfortunately very stiff.  It is very similar to the velour version.  Thick and not comfortable around my neck.  Also returning.  I noticed the website now labels it as Cotton instead of Fleece.  It's on sale and still not worth the $39 price.  

I apologize for the craptastic photos!  The apartment is a mess.  This is the Scuba Hoodie III in Star Pixel Raspberry.  Here's the interesting thing, I always fit the Scuba Hoodies in a size 2, but in this pattern/print the size 2 was very tight across the back of my shoulders and in the armpit area.  Easy return.  I'm not sure if I like the print enough to go up to a size 4.  The print isn't that special in person.  Sort of dark and uninteresting.  The fabric and feel is also a lot stiffer and not very soft.  

This is also a size 2, and the hoodie was a much better fit and more like my other Scuba Hoodies.  I'm leaning towards keeping this one.  I like how unique it is.  It also reminds me of Nike!  The fabric is not as soft as my Bark Berry Scuba which is my favorite.  But it's not a deal breaker.

I've been wanting to try Athleta's Icecap Vest for a while now.  I got this in the XXS, and it makes my hips look pretty wide.  The material is a soft jersey and the color is a grayish purple.  Too bad it doesn't look better on me because the price I got it for was insane.  $61.  But alas I will be returning this too.