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Fit Review! Seek Softness Mid Rise Crop Stargaze

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Thank you all for responding to my informal poll in the previous post. It was pretty much a tie on the two colors and I decided to keep the Hooded Define Jacket in the diamond dye stargaze. Today I have a short and sweet review to kick off a new week. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

Where do I even begin?! These are the softest pair of wide leg pants I have ever tried on. They are pretty heavy for a pair of pants. Definitely not suited for summer weather. I would say they would be perfect for spring and fall. They drape beautifully and it's the heaviness of the fabric that lends to that gorgeous cascading effect.

These are advertised as crops, but as you all know being petite makes these a full length pant on me. The inseam on a size 4 measures 24 inches. The waistband is wide and has a ruching effect. I think the waistband actually runs just slightly large. I'm wearing my usual size 4, but I wonder if I could size down to a 2 in these.

There is a side seam that runs from the waist all the way down to the hem. It's very clever because the seam also has a hidden pocket which I love! Pockets are the best on pants. It's a necessity. The seam then opens up around the knees to show off some leg. The slit also creates movement and air flow. The fabric is cupro, which feels so luxurious to me. It's like a buttery suede finish. I love it. You do have to be careful with this fabric in lighter colors like stargaze because you can see panty lines. 😳 

I do wonder if these would work better in black.  I already have a couple of pairs of similar wide leg pants in black and was looking for a different color to add to my wardrobe. These are beautiful and the quality is there. Even though the price tag is a bit steep at $128, I dare say they're worth it. What do you think of these crops?

There is a very similar pair that's half price. Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop are only $59 on WMTM. Has anyone tried these? The fabric is modal/french terry which means they won't have the same waterfall effect, but at half the price I can't complain.

In other news, I finished my first watercolor painting in 5 years. I just like to dabble for fun. I definitely need to practice more. Although it's only my 3rd time using watercolors, and my first attempt at a cat. This is a portrait of Nero. We miss you everyday buddy. 

I think for my next painting I'll try some flowers. 
That's it for me! 


  1. I just love the painting you did of your fur-baby. What a fantastic way to remember him.

    I'm kind of digging those pants on you, but I agree that you could probably do a size smaller. The slit up the side is really cool, and the Cupro fabric looks really luxurious.

    Speaking of wide-leg crops, have you tried Ivivva's Good Feels Culotte? I recently got them in a size 14 and they fit great (I'm usually a size 4 in Lulu). The fabric feels a bit pyjama-like, but they actually fit like crops, and you can't beat the price!

    1. Thank you Lola! I have not tried the Good Feels Culotte, but I'm sold! I'll give them a try and even if they are a bit like Pjs, that's fine... thanks for the scoop!

  2. I love how the Seek Softness Min Rise Crop looks on you!!! The length is perfect as a pant and it drapes beautifully. You make me wanna get it but since I’m 5’3” tall and wear a size 2 (or probably 0 in this style per your suggestion), the length will be odd on me I’m afraid. The hem will probably hit my ankles and it’s neither a crop or a pant ... I could give it a try but just hate having to go to the post office for a return during the pandemic ...

    I love love love the painting you did on Nero! I’m still doing pastel portraits most of the time, and acrylic paintings once in a while. Watercolor paintings are more challenging and you did an amazing job! Can’t wait to see your next masterpiece. :)

    1. Hmmmm you're probably right, they would hit in the middle somewhere making it an odd length. You could hem it and turn it into a true crop. But it would be a while before the stores open again for you to do that.

      Thank you! Hopefully I won't take 5 years to do another one.

      I would love to see more of your work!

  3. Those pants look so comfy! I like them on you! Thanks for sharing the WMTM version I really like them! Also your cat painting is so cute! Maybe next time you could have flowers around the cat? :D

    1. Thanks! I definitely will try flowers, not sure I'll try another cat yet.... they're hard.

  4. Hi Lola, I purchased the seek stillness mid rise crop a while ago. I was stalking them on the website after I tried on in store and fell in love. Finally got them on WMTM. I loved them so much I bought both the heathered grey and the heathered cashew, both with the matching crew tops. They are butter on the skin, light weight and incredibly flattering on. I have no regrets at all. They run to a couple of inches above my ankle as I am 5'4.
    I like the ones you have on but I think they overwhelm you a bit. I would definitely try the 2, or, just have them hemmed a bit.

    Has anyone tried on the Roxanska navy/teal joggers that are on WMTM? I have my eye on those but not sure whether to pull the triggers since they are final sale...

    1. After I read your comment about the Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop, I ordered them in heathered cashew. I opted for the size 2 since some of the reviews said it runs larger than usual. Hope they fit! The size 4 is sold out already.

      I have not tried on the Roksanda collection at all. Sorry!


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