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We Became a Four Cat Household

Say what? Yes, we adopted another kitten almost two weeks ago. Ash & Simi got along well enough, but Ash seemed to terrorize her a lot. He's proven to be the tasmanian devil that never stops. Ever. Simi would get stressed after a while and would want to hide to get away from him. So we decided to get Ash a more suitable playmate. We welcomed Flash into our home.

Who knew you an now adopt kittens at Lululemon? 😍

Ash & Flash

Yes, we named him Flash after seeing him run so fast, all we saw was an orange blur. I will admit right now that my husband and I are geeks. We love all the superhero Marvel stuff. DC not so much. 😂 Ash & Flash are now best friends and that's all that really matters. Simi is much happier now.

This is Nero who is very grumpy at the moment. Seriously, after I took this photo he yelled at me for waking him up from his nap. 

Nero hasn't been formally introduced to Ash & Flash yet. He has met Simi a few times now and while I wouldn't call them friends just yet, they are tolerating each other. Mainly because Simi keeps her distance and Nero likes it that way. He just doesn't want to be bothered with a bunch of kids. 

Simi is a sweet girl

A rare photo of them resting

Ninja Kitties!

This is my mornings now.

I still miss Sherlock and from time to time I will still cry. That said, these three kittens are slowly helping me with my grief. They are a lot of fun and I'm glad we are giving three kittens a forever home. If you're interested in seeing videos of them, hop over to my personal instagram page. There's a couple of hilarious videos posted.  One that sticks out is Flash trying to eat my hair.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have some reviews coming up soon. I placed a semi large order from Lululemon this week. I hope it arrives tomorrow so I can take some photos over the weekend.