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I went and got my eyebrows tattooed!

I was pretty tired of drawing my eyebrows in everyday. I looked into microblading, but decided it's just too expensive for something that only lasts 2-3 years. It does look really fantastic and natural, I'll give it that. If it was a one time thing that lasted forever I would have done it for the price. I was looking for something more permanent and less expensive.

Funny thing is, when my mom got her eyebrows tattooed twenty something years ago, my reaction was "OMG I'm never doing that!", said my 18 year old self. Hah, how things change.

I'm no stranger to tattoos. I have five of them in various places on my body. What's another one? The pain is temporary and while it can hurt quite a bit while filling in the tattoo it's only a few seconds at a time. As soon as the needle stops, the pain stops. It's really not that painful, at least to me. That said, it took about two hours from start to finish. All my other tattoos took an hour or so.

I specified what I wanted done. Basically I wanted to keep my natural eyebrow shape and just wanted to extend the ends of my eyebrows and have them a bit lighter in the front and darker at the ends. The color is a dark brown but it does look really dark, close to black but it should lighten up over the next couple of months.

Ruby is the name of the beautician that worked on my eyebrows. The first thing she did was numb my eyebrows which took about 15 minutes. Then she lightly shaved off some of my hairs. After that she took a marker and drew them in. I'm not entirely sure it was a marker but something with ink that wiped off. After I approved the shape (this took probably a good 30 minutes or so) she got to work.

The outlining wasn't bad. It's a single needle and barely any pain. After she outlined them in I got a sneak peak as to how it was looking. Then after that she started filling in my eyebrows and that is what I call, white knuckling pain. It's hard to say how much time was passing at this point. It did go by really fast though. It did not feel like two hours. Maybe a little more than an hour.

Here are my photos documenting the healing process. Fair warning, the first few photos are not pretty!

This is the before photo. I am wearing absolutely no make up. My eye brows are so light! 

This was taken when I got home. They are seriously dark and red/bleeding and swollen. My husband was pretty horrified! Clear fluid was oozing out and I had to wipe them every few minutes. Completely normal by the way.

Day 3- The swelling went down and it's starting to scab. A few people at work noticed I did something to my eyebrows and I got a few comments but for the most part no one said anything. I also purchased a kit called Tattoo Goo and used it everyday for the first 10 days. After that I still used the lotion twice a day (morning and night). Basically you have to lather up the cleanser and lightly clean them with your fingers. Then use a towel to pat them try. After about 15 minutes I applied lotion. I did this 3-4 times a day for about ten days.

Day 4- Lots of scabbing going on. As long as you didn't stare at them most people did not notice. 

Day 5- The scabbing was now starting to come off. They were itching like crazy and I really wanted to pick at the scabs but you're not allowed to! The scabbing has to come off naturally by itself when you clean them otherwise you risk removing some of the color.

Day 6- You can see how the color is a lot lighter underneath the scabs. I was super patchy.

Day 8- Most of the scabbing came off.

Day 9- Finally scab free! You don't know how happy I was. At this point they still felt pretty sensitive to touch. I also really wanted to just scrub my face with a towel but I was still afraid to do so.

Day 9- Just wanted to post a picture of how cute Flash is, but why does he like chewing and licking my hair?!

Day 12. Pretty much healed at this point. My hairs are still growing back in from when she shaved them. So I expect in another couple of weeks I'll have a pretty good idea of what they'll really look like. 

I am pretty happy with the results! Sometimes I feel like they're a little too close and just a tad bit too stark, but I really love the shape. I'm also super happy that I no longer have to draw them in everyday.  

Do you have your eyebrows tattooed? Is it something you're interested in? Or is microblading more your speed? Or are you one of the super lucky ones with naturally perfect eyebrows? Or are you totally happy drawing them in everyday? Let me know!


  1. Oh brave girl! My eyebrows are far from being perfect but I don’t have the courage to tattoo them. :D. I never had to draw my eyebrows when I was young, but as I age I noticed that my eyebrows are getting thinner, and I especially have to fill in the arch on the right one.

    I’m never keen on doing make up so I just use an eyebrow pencil to casually fill the brows in. I kind of look different everyday lol!

    My mother-in-law has her brows tattooed a couple months ago and they did look very dark the first month, but now they look very natural to me and she’s very happy with the results. The shapes of your tattooed eyebrows are nice and it’s a job well done. Hopefully the color will fade a little bit more so your eyebrows will look more natural.

    Flash is soooo cute! Do you use catnip scented shampoo? :D


    1. Do you over pluck? I've heard some of my co workers and friends say they used to pluck a lot when younger and then the hairs just never grew back after a while. Mine were just always very sparse and light.

      I did the pencil thing too. It was pretty easy except some days I couldn't get them super even and then they just looked crooked lol! But I always did the same thing everyday, never tried different looks. I'm fairly boring that way.

      I'm kind of the same way with make up. I do the same look everyday. It takes me about 15 minutes.

      Oh good to hear! I am hoping they will lighten up a little more. Maybe I'll do an update in another month or so!

      Flash is super cute! He's so snuggly and soft I just love squishing him hahahahahaha.

  2. I don’t think I over plucked at all. I’m lazy when it comes to eyebrow plucking and I guess I under pluck lol, Would you mind sharing what makeup you use? I never like putting on make up but I hope to find something light yet with good coverage that can help “hide” my freckles. You look very natural even with make up on and I would love to know more about your makeup tips if you don’t mind.


    1. I was actually going to write a post on my make up routine. I prefer the natural and I have zero talent really when it comes to make up, so whatever is easy and takes the least amount of time works for me. I should have something up in a week or so!

  3. I got microbladinf done and I wasn’t prepared for the sound my skull being scraped during the whole thing. That’s what I get for actually NOT YouTubing it like I normally do. I was horrified and I hear that’s a typical response. I just put down my deposit for Powder Brows next month which is supposed to be better for someone who sweats a lot as I found the microbalding faded quickly. You look great!!!

    1. Oh geez. I didn't read that about microblading! Yikes. Let me know what you think of Power Brows vs Microblading after you get them done next month!

  4. Looks amazing! =D Here's my B&A: I got my brows & liner done 10 yrs ago by another technician. The liner faded completely after 3 yrs. The brows faded after 5 yrs, save for some redness. Earlier this year, I finally got sick of drawing them in daily, so I caved & got my brows & upper liner done again!

    1. Wow they did an amazing before and after. I know I'll eventually have to get mine redone after a few years... I'm happy with them for now but we'll see.


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