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Is Cashlu Really Machine Washable?

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of months ago I bought the Wake Up & Go Sweater. Even though I decided to keep it, it took me a while to finally wear it enough times that eventually I got some soy sauce on it while eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The stain wasn't a huge spot, thank goodness, but enough that it was quite noticeable on my light blue sweater.

I tried not to freak out about it. I've never purchased a cashlu item before and all I knew was that it was supposed to be machine washable. So I threw it in my washing machine the very next day. I used the delicate setting and washed the sweater by itself with nothing else in the load, just to be safe. I used my regular detergent and threw in just a little bit of fabric softener.

Forty five minutes later I took it out of the washing machine and it seemed fine. The stain even came out! I was pretty happy. I threw it over my drying rack and hoped for the best. The next day I examined it closely and the stain was indeed out (woo hoo!) and it even fit the same still. It did not shrink or bag out. The only thing I did noticed was some wrinkly along the front, probably because I had it on a drying rack. I'm hoping after a few days on the hanger the wrinkles will straighten out on its own.

I know everyone wants to know if there's any pilling and the answer is yes. It's to be expected because of how soft the material is. It doesn't stop me from wearing it or loving it any less. On the plus side, the sweater is on sale right now on WMTM. If you're interested, here is my review of the sweater. Right now most sizes are sold out online but if you call around or check store availability you might get lucky. I would totally buy another cashlu item in the future!

Do you own a cashlu item? What was your experience washing that item? Let me know!

That's it for me this week. I have a couple of items in my cart from WMTM. I'm trying to talk myself out of more tanks, but it IS summer so I may pull the trigger. Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I can't find out how much cashmere there is in cashlu - do you know?

    1. Hi there, Good question. I'll check to see if it says on the labels when I get home!

    2. So on the Cashlu Scuba this is what the tag reads:
      40% Viscose
      30% Nylon
      25% Acrylic
      5% Cashmere

      Not much cashmere in there at all!


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