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Upload! June 26th 2018

Tonight's upload was pretty typical except for this button down that I would have ordered if they still had my size! I'm pretty surprised it sold out so quickly at $108. That's a bit steep for a button down. Also, why does it say the model is wearing a men's size small? Does that mean a size XS would have been too big for me anyway? If anyone ordered it, let me know how it is! I'm super curious about it now. I am loving the figue color but I'm refraining from buying the same items just in different colors...

Did you order anything? What do you think of the button down shirt?

(love this color but not a fan of the elastic along the hem)

(Do love this color too, but I swore off Swiftlys!)

(I love this one too but swore off Define's as well! I just have too many!!)


  1. I thought of getting the buttondown shirt as well (now gone on the Canadian website) but the price put me off. It has to be really good for that price! :D

    Figue is such a pretty color and I’m tempted to order it in SS Swiftly. Do you size up on your SS Swiftly and Swiftly Tank? I did with my LS cos the sleeves were really tight, but not sure if I need to do so with the SS and Tank. Any advice?

    My friend is thinking of getting a pair of Lululemon shorts for hanging around and wonder which is a good one. She’s 5’2” at 110 lbs. Any advice would be highly appreciated!


  2. I think you should be okay with your regular size in Swiftly tanks and SS. I take my usual 4 in fitted tops. I wouldn't be able to size up though because a 6 would be ridiculously long on my short torso.

    For shorts, I like the Cool & Collected Short- on sale now. It looks pretty comfy to lounge around at home. The In Movement Short reminds me of my old Boogie Shorts that I love. They're super short but I bought them in 2 sizes bigger and they actually are very comfortable that way. I also wear my Speed/Speed Up shorts on the weekend to run errands in. Those are my picks if she doesn't mind showing some leg.

    1. Thank you so much for your input! That really helps! :)


  3. I agree! No more defines or swiftlys for me! The define is pretty though. I would never pay $108 for a plain white collar shirt.


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