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Upload! January 16th 2018

Out of everything that's been uploaded tonight I'm liking the Swiftly in quicksand. I don't know why I'm such a sucker for Swiftly tanks. I just bought the pink paradise color last month and while I do really love it, how many tanks does one need? I'm also eyeing a couple of the FTBW bras, but that I actually do need. I could use a few more since I'm always running out of bras and then I'm forced to do laundry.

I have a few things in my cart, but am holding off. I want to try and make it to a store but we'll see how long I can hold out. Anything for you tonight?

(Have this in my cart)

(For $38 I'm kinda tempted more so than the Swiftly)

(I actually really like all 4 colors in this tank!)

(These are actually pretty nice looking. Would definitely like to try these on)

(Looks nice paired with quicksand Swiftly)

(I wonder if these are soft?)

(I am definitely interested in buying a printed pair but am waiting for one I can't resist!)

(I may cave and buy a couple of new bras)

In other news, there are currently 250+ items in WMTM, so I picked out my favorites from the batch. 

(I've been eyeing these for a while)

(I kinda dig this print, wish they made these in the WU or Aligns)

(Can't believe these are marked down to $39!)

I actually got this as a gift from my BFF and can't wait to try them out!


  1. The Laced with Intent Bra looks so cute for casual wear! Definitely hoping to try it on in store soon. Loving some of the new Swiftlies! If the Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Luon Pique Dark Slate came in Aligns... I'd grab them so fast.

    1. Totally read my mind! Would love the pique dark slate in aligns... I'm still waiting patiently to get my first print/pattern in aligns.

  2. Try the "Full Freedom" bra ( It's way better than all my FTB (regular, Wild, Zen), Lighten Up, Energy, Pushing Limits, & Flow Y bras! The V-neck gives a bit of cleavage (lol!), pretty back straps, & soft Nulu...that doesn't end up stinking like Luon & Luxtreme eventually do!

    1. You totally convinced me to buy a full freedom bra, but just took a look online and my size is sold out in every color! Guess I have to wait until they restock...

  3. I’m drawn to the swiftly in quicksand too. I got the rain on train on tights in redwood, and now I feel like I need the tank to complete the look. Ended up going with a define jacket in the quicksand color!

  4. I purchased the quicksand Define last year but ended up returning it because I already had misty mauve in the Define and liked that color more. But I may be satisfied with quicksand color in the Swiftly.


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