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Thoughts on Frugal February and my Current Wish List!

Every February I make myself go on a shopping ban. It seems like the right thing to do post holiday shopping. Just to give you an idea of what my January spending looked like, I spent $627 just on activewear alone. Talk about crazy, right? I spent about $465 on an interview suit, button up shirt and shoes which I think paid off, since I got the job. Then I went to New York and decided to get new glasses and contacts which totaled to $476. Those are just some of the big ticket items in January.

This month was completely different. I did however need some new work clothes. Here are my results for Frugal February.

  • Food - $75.28 (this includes lunches purchased at work and supermarket runs, although I'll admit my husband pays for most of the groceries) 😂
  • Taxi- $18.17 (I don't drive and on the days I couldn't catch a ride from my husband or co worker I paid for Lyft or Uber)
  • Work clothes- $242.84 (purchased two pairs of pants, a sweater and tank)
  • Phone case - $12.99 (my old phone case broke and I needed a new one)
  • Sweat with Kayla app - $54.99 (I've since cancelled my subscription for this app, I deemed it too expensive even though I do use it almost everyday and it's a subscription for 3 months. I'm also going to do a review of this program soon, I promise!)
  • Cell phone bill- $75.75 (there's no getting away with this bill, but I am going to call Verizon and see if I can get my bill lowered)
  • Book- $2.99 (I allow myself to purchase books as I think it counts as food for the soul and brains)
  • Funko pop - $12.83 (I collect Funkos and this one was pre-ordered back in January before my ban)
  • Target - $17.27 (I purchased some food and miscellaneous stuff I needed)
  • Birthday present for my husband - $75.81 (his birthday is actually tomorrow, and I bought him some really cool candle lanterns from west elm)

I'll also take him out to a fancy dinner this weekend but I wanted to give him something to open for his birthday. He is really into candles, more so than me. I picked these out in particular because he loves star gazing and these reminded me of him. He loves them!

Sorry I went off on a tanget but that's my spending for the month. The total damage comes out to just $588.92! This is by far the most successful shopping ban I've ever had. I think the main reason why I was able to spend so little is because I was so busy with my job I didn't get to surf as much as I used to. I would come home, do my workout, work on my blog, watch a little TV with my husband while we ate dinner and then it would be pretty much time to go to bed. Not much of a life outside of work, but it really helped me save money this month! Never did I forget that I was on a ban, I definitely was cognizant that I wasn't supposed to be spending any money but this time it just felt easy. It also helped that Lululemon really didn't have anything I wanted badly enough for me to break my ban. 

That said, I do have a lust list. Here are the items I have saved in my Wish List folder.

This is now completely sold out, but I'm okay with it so I guess I didn't really want it all that much? Which brings me to the fact that I love the chase of wanting new items, but if I let time pass the lust eventually dies down. Which is a good rule to follow when I have itchy fingers to buy things online. Step AWAY from the computer or at least close the browser and sit on it for a few days! If I'm still thinking about it, then maybe pull the trigger. This is also why I like keeping a wish list folder filled with saved images of the items I'm currently thinking about buying.

This CRB in pima cotton is something I definitely would want to try still. I'm sad that my size 4 is now out of stock. Oh well, maybe Lululemon will eventually release this in another color I like.

I'm hoping to hit a Lulu store this weekend so I can see this jacket in person and will report back. I think this will be petite friendly, but the only thing I'm worried about is the length of the sleeves. The sleeves look like they could potentially be super long.

I'm a huge fan of Align Crops and wouldn't have minded adding deep rouge to my collection but alas, it is sold out in my size! It's okay though, right? Lulu will most likely release this in a similar shade in the future.

I refrained from buying this jacket and my size 2 is completely sold out. I'm not totally sold on this jacket but I would have at least liked to see it in person and try it on at the very least. 

I have this in my cart and I kind of want to get this because it would be something I could possibly wear to work, but now I'm not sure I 100% love it. Seems a little drab? Maybe if it was in another color, like a pretty lavender or rose color. 

For $29.50 I will most likely place an order for these shorts just because I love the colors and the print. I also love the 3 1/2 inch inseam. I think that's the perfect length. It's neither too short or too long. 

This bomber is something I'm still lusting over pretty badly, so I may pull the trigger and order this. However, it is still full priced at $148, so I'm a little hesitant but they still have my size available right now. If this was on sale or if I had a coupon I would be more tempted. 

I am totally placing an order for this tank in probably three colors. I'm eying the light indigo heather, the navy and the rose russet. I'm just going to wait for a coupon or some rewards I can use! I think I can definitely wear these to work underneath a blazer or cardigan.

This forest green is calling my name! I haven't been impressed with the latest Scuba Hoodie. This might be a nice replacement. I like that this has a more fitted and sporty look. The cuffs at the sleeves are far more comfortable than the Scubas.

I very much like this new Swiftly tank, but is this special enough to add to my collection? I've decided that if I purchase any new Swiftlys, it has to be special enough that I will sell one of my older ones. One in, one out is the new rule I have for Swiftly tanks. 

That about wraps up my current lust list. With all the money I saved, I will allow myself to make a single purchase of anything that I really want. Now I wonder, which one of these will make my first purchase in March? Since I was so successful with my ban this time around, I am going to challenge myself to a second month of no shopping in September. I think I may call it September Savings. That will be hard for me because September is usually when I really want to buy fall clothes. 

How did you do on your shopping ban? I would love to know! Leave me a comment below!


  1. Well done you! I sort of broke my ban as my 5 year old Roxy snowboard jacket has a hole developing, so I ordered a new one at almost half price. However I don't get the bill til the end of the month so I'm not really counting it 😀 haven't bought any Lulu since January though.

    1. Oh and I sold 4 Lulu items 😀

    2. Wow you did great! Especially since you sold some items too. =)

  2. The CRBs in pima cotton are my fav! I think if you try it you may like them too :D let us know!

    1. Oh man really?! Now I'm really tempted to order... What color do you have?


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