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My Current Fall Wish List!

My shopping ban in August was pretty successful. I really didn't purchase anything except for a couple of clothing items that needed to be replaced for work, and the cost was fairly minimal since everything was 50% off or more. It's already the 8th and I have yet to place an order for anything! I did go shopping today and browsed Lululemon and Athleta. Athleta is having their Friends & Family sale starting the 11th, so I will be waiting for that. I have my eye on a few things. Coach is also having their F&F sale around the same time. Although based on their current stock, I don't think I'll be getting my hands on what I want. 

Without further ado, here's my current wish list!

I tried this wrap on at the store today. Personally I really love it!! It IS long, but I am digging the look and the softness of it kind of sealed the deal for me. I'll have a fit review on Friday for this wrap, but I'll probably order it when the Athleta F&F sale starts on the 11th. I just can't decide if I should go for the teal, or the black. What do you think? Get both and decide later? 

(Tried this on too and I think it would be good for the office.)

This is a bag that I'm currently lusting after, but as of today there are only 2 left in stock, so I doubt I'll be able to get my hands on one during the F&F sale.

(This charm also has 1 left in stock!) 

The past year or so I've been eyeing Hermes scarves. This one really caught my eye and I've yet to pull the trigger on it since it's so expensive... but I really want it!

(I'm a sucker for owls and the pinks and pretty purples in this print.)

Have you guys seen the ads for their latest collection? It is so dreamy I am in love with it all. I just can't decide if I want the rose gold or the silver. Or maybe do a mix? I am digging the necklace and O ring with the added charms in rose gold the most.


(I am a fan of Rothy's and the newest python collection in fig is calling my name.)

I'm very curious about Birdies in the Starling. I can't decide if I want the Latte color or Slate. I also don't own a pair of loafers. I'm wondering if I can pull them off at the office.

 (I'm a fan of Allbirds and love the red!)

(Still thinking about these since I tried them on. The fit is spot on!)

Here's my current shopping cart for Lululemon. Although as I type this, the Love Knot Bra sold out in my size. So I've replaced it with the Exaltation Wrap. 😅 I'm also sad the Calm & Collected Wrap is still not on WMTM, but at least it's also not sold out. 

(This wrap in olive looks more like gray, so I might get this over the navy.)

What does a girl do? I have too many on my list, I don't even know what to get first with my limited funds! Of course if I win the lotto anytime soon, I won't have to worry. 😆 What's on your fall wish list? 


  1. The two wraps caught my eye! I wish that I could try them on instead of ordering them blindly. Which size fits you the best, Leslie? I am a little bigger and taller than you 5'2", 112, 32C, 26, 34.

    1. The Harmony Wrap I fit the XXS. You're only slightly bigger so I think you could also fit the XXS. There's a slight chance you could be a XS depending are arms? That's the only thing I can think of.
      The Nirvana Wear Two Ways Wrap the XS fits me fine. This wrap runs short, which is why I sized up.The arms still fit fine as well. Not too big, not too small. I can measure my arms around the bicep if you need! LOL.

  2. The Nirvana Wrap looks promising as it looks like it's shorter with less material than the Pranayama wrap (which I have two of, need something with less bulk).

    1. Yes I agree. I have three Pranayama Wraps. It's very long in the back, but the Nirvana Wrap is much shorter, good length for the office.

  3. I am intrigued by the Marleigh as well, with its bowling bag style, stylized Coach logo, and the saddle colour but I think this size might be a bit small for me. I don't care for the black or signature canvas in the larger size, so please review if you do get your hands on the Marleigh 20!

    1. I just found out the Marleigh will be excluded from the upcoming sale. Sigh. Not sure if I will get it. Might use the funds for something else, but we'll see!

  4. I’m soo poor to buy any of this but I’m always happy to see your post, I hope when I’m done with nursing school I can shop like you my inspiration lol


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