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Upload 11/03/2015 USA Canada

Another lame US upload.  Again nothing for me this week!  Weird that the Down For a Run Jacket does not come in a size 2 on the website.  I also wish they would release it in Black Grape.  Does anyone know if this jacket runs small?  

Down for a Run Vest in Forage Teal

Down for a Run Jacket in Black

Down For a Run Pullover in Black Grape

Scuba Hoodie III in Wee Stripe Heathered Gray

Speed Tights in Forage Teal Herringbone

Rest Less Hoodie Canada Only in Ultra Violet

I kinda love the Rest Less hoodie in Ultra Violet but too bad I can never wear long sleeve tops.  I just get too hot in them.  Also love the Scuba Hoodie III in the Wee Striped Gray but I have something so similar to that already so I can pass.