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It's National Handbag Day!

Everyone who knows me knows I love handbags.  In celebration of National Handbag Day I came up with a list of top 10 handbags that I absolutely love.  This is just a fun post I came up with last night when I couldn't sleep because of my awful allergies.

The first time I saw Wendy post this photo of her Givenchy Pandora Bag I was instantly in love.  But I've come to the conclusion that this sized in particular is the large size and would dwarf my petite frame.  I do acknowledge that Wendy herself is only a couple of inches taller than me, but she can somehow pull it off.  I just know that I wouldn't be able pull it off as easily as she does.  So, if I ever win the lotto anytime soon, I would get the smaller version of this bag.  Actually, if I ever win the lotto I would just buy all of the bags on this list!

I've been dying to try the new Balenciaga Small City size and would really love this reddish purple color for fall. 

This Chloe Drew bag is absolutely amazing in suede.  I've never carried a suede bag before.  I'm always to chicken to wear suede but this Drew bag is drool worthy!

Ever since Valentino came out with their Rockstud heels, I've always wanted the matching bag as well.  How perfect would it be to pair it with a LBD?

If you're ever looking for one clutch to buy, I would go for a Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch.  They are absolutely stunning.  I have one in the knuckle studded version in silver and it's such a conversational piece.  However, this new pearl-print silk clutch is what dreams are made of.

You can't have a list of handbags without having a Hermes bag on it.  If I ever won the lotto I would totally get a brand new Birkin from the store itself, but if I ever just went cray cray with too much alcohol (not that I drink at all but this is all fantasy anyway) and decided to do a little drunk shopping I would so buy this pre owned Kelly bag.

Of course if there's Hermes, there's also Chanel.  I already have a Chanel Boy bag and I absolutely love it, but if I had room for one more Chanel it would be this awesome Chanel Boy iridescent bag also known as The Mermaid.  It's so gorgeous I would be on cloud 9 if I ever owned one.  I've seen it in person once (viewed from afar because it was at the mall and I didn't want to be too stalkerish since it belonged to someone else) and it was so hard not to go over and just touch it, it's so pretty.  Unfortunately I can't find it online anywhere to purchase.  These bags are so rare and if they ever come up on a consignment website they go fast.

Chanel Boy Iridescent aka The Mermaid

If you're not into leather and prefer vegan leather, Stella McCartney has some really nice faux leather bags.  The only downfall is the price doesn't seem to reflect faux leather material.  It is noted her bags are made in Italy though.  

I'm not a huge fan of Dior, but I do love this red Lady Dior bag.  It would be perfect with a LBD and some Valentino Rockstud heels.  Wear it with some oversized shades and what could be more perfect?

(I can't believe Overstock sells Dior!)

Last but not least is Louis Vuitton Petite Malle.  This may be my favorite bag at the moment. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this design even if it's not the most practical.  The Petite Malle is a take on LV's iconic trunk bags and is a collector's dream come true.  I would love to own this bag since it's a designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere who used to be the creative director of Balenciaga.  Balenciaga is of course one of my favorites designers.

Hope you all had fun reading my post about handbags.  I love writing and sharing my love for designer handbags.  Purses are always going to be my weakness much to my husband's dismay.  Please let me win the lotto just once!


  1. Hermes Birkin is on my pinterest dream list. The Kelly is nice too. I wish it were in my price range, but if it were, I doubt I'd spend that much on a handbag. One can dream.

    My handbag story is that my boss admired my bag openly for a few weeks and then bought the exact same style bag (in a different shade--mine was pink and she got purple--but still). Who does that? I wanted to hit her over the head with the bag. I had to switch out bags because I couldn't stand it. Then she had the nerve to tell me, yeah, I like this bag Bc it has a pocket in the front. I KNOW! YOU COPIED MY BAG, YOU WEIRDO! Haha. That's my handbag story.

    1. I'm dreaming about hitting the lotto!

      That is a super funny story! I'm totally curious, which bag was it? I used to have a friend (we don't keep in touch anymore) but we had about 3 of the same bags, totally identical to size and color. I thought it was kind of fun, but I guess if it's your boss it's different!


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