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Review of the Stunning Alexander McQueen Wallets In Nocturnal Design

This is a guest review from Angie who was gracious enough to send me all of these photos and a review of each piece.  Thank you so much Angie!  I totally agree with you on unicorns and moths!

"I have wanted to get a new wallet for a while.  I first learned about the gorgeous Nocturnal design from Alexander McQueen collection from Petite Impact's review of the key holder. I was instantly enamored. I am a child of the 80’s, who doesn’t want a unicorn on their wallet along with a few pretty blue moths?!  I was not sure which wallet I wanted so I ordered a few to look at, as there aren't any stores close to me in Minnesota that carried these beauties.  I found out that most of the stores that carry Alexander McQueen offer free shipping and returns, i.e. Alexander McQueen online store, Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus. Just a tiny tidbit, you can find these listed on European sites and pay less due to the currency exchange rate.

(clockwise: top left key holder, wallet organizer, cardholder, zip around wallet)

I was very impressed from start with the beautiful packaging and the quality of each item.  Each one came in a sturdy grey Alexander McQueen box with a soft grey felted cloth wrapped around them. The leather feels soft, yet thick and durable. The design is even more stunning in person.  It was hard to choose between all of them.  I wished I could have kept them all!

They all have "Alexander McQueen Made in Italy" stamped on the leather inside.  There is also a beautiful silver skull with crystal eyes placed on each piece. The wallets with a zipper have the skull as the zipper pull and the card wallets have them adhered to the front of the wallet.

Zip Around Wallet Front Side

The zip around wallet is my favorite style and of course the most expensive!  This is a photo of the pattern on the front.  I did enhance with the auto enhance on my phone for all of the pictures just to bring out their true beauty.  The colors are slightly brighter but still remain quite true to life.

Zip Around Wallet Back Side

The only difference I could find with the design is the clock is backwards on this side.

There are 6 card slots on each side along with a long slot for cash or receipts at the top of each side. This allows me to be totally organized by helping me know right away if I am missing a card. There is room for my ID, bankcard, credit cards, insurance info, library card, blood donor card, etc.  

Then there is the lovely center zipper pouch. I use this for loose change and lip balm. I could even fit my iPhone 6 plus in the wallet on the side of the zip pouch without my Otterbox case. I bet if you had a slim phone case or a regular iPhone 6 or 7 it would fit in there just fine.

Front View

Here are all of the wallets next to one another for size comparison.  There is a pretty big difference between each wallet. Each one has a different function, so it depends on your needs and which one fits your lifestyle or budget.

Back View

I took a photo to see the wallet organizer open.  There are 3 pockets on one side and 1 slide pocket on the other.  To note the zipper key holder is only a key ring inside the zipper pouch.  There are no card slots inside the zipper pouch.

I wanted to show some thing neat about the small card wallet for those of you who have a Chloe Marcie in the small size. This is my Chloe in the Nut color. A little info on the cardholder, it has tight slots, holding my cards perfectly but I can remove them with ease. I can place 2 cards on each side and at the top there is a slit that you could place cash folded in half or another card.

The cardholder fits inside of the small front slot perfectly. This is a great use of this small space, making it super convenient to use while keeping your cards safe while out and about. To think I
almost sold this bag because it was hard to fit everything in due to its small size but this is perfect to cut down the clutter.

Unfortunately I do not have a money tree either or I would have kept all of these beauties… I kept the zip around wallet because it organizes everything I need from day to day. I have carried the zip around everywhere for past couple weeks with no loss of the design, only time will tell though. I also kept the cardholder for lighter functions for use with the small Chloe that I love. I hope this was informative, helping someone decide on their new adventure with an Alexander McQueen wallet."

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