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New Card Case! Review Louis Vuitton Sarah Multicartes Epi Leather & Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Card Case

My 3 year old Tiffany crocodile card case was looking a little battered so I wanted a card holder that had a snap closure versus a card holder that was made up of 5 card slots. I looked around Louis Vuitton website to see if anything caught my eye and this Sarah Wallet in epi leather in pink made my heart sing. BTW, since when did Louis Vuitton change their boxes from brown to orange? I much prefer the brown color. The orange is just kind of murky.

The two contrasting pinks is definitely eye catching. The epi leather is made of cowhide that feels strong and sturdy. This card case has an accordion shape with 4 card compartments inside. I don't know if you can tell from the bottom picture, but the card slots are not wide enough for regular sized credit cards. I had to fit them exactly at the back of each compartment which wasn't easy to do. Maybe after a while, they will stretch for an easier fit, but I am not willing to spend $405+tax for something that needs a break in period. It has to be perfect right off the bat. I decided to return this. 

After being terribly disappointed with Louis Vuitton, I decided to see if I could hunt down a rare Alexander McQueen card case from their nocturnal line. Some of you may remember I purchased a key holder last year which I love. For some reason, the website never sold the card case version. I managed to find the very last one in a shop located in Australia called CultStatus.

Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Card Case (front)

Alexander McQueen never fails me. I absolutely love the dreamy nocturnal line. Skulls and pretty  blue moths? Moon and stars? Yes please! This card case is also made of leather. It has a snap closure and opens up to a simple envelope style card case. It fits about 6-7 credit cards and some cash. This is exactly what I was looking for. 


I've never ordered something from Australia before and I'm happy to say the experience was a good one. I paid by Paypal and received my item within a few days. 

My McQueen accessories. I carry all of three with me every day. 

 Happy Friday! Sorry I do not have my usual fit review Friday for you, but tomorrow I should be getting my giant Lululemon order which means I'll be taking a lot of photos over the weekend! I'll have a fit review up for you guys next week. I'll post some sneak peaks on Instagram. That's all for me tonight and hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I was looking at the exact same one from LV! Good to know that it doesnt fit. What I'm using right now is the key pouch from LV. very handy!!

    1. I normally love LV accessories. I have a super cute pochette that I should be using more often!

  2. Hello! Do you still own the nocturnal AQ pieces, and if so would you be interested in selling them? Deeply regret not buying anything from that collection...Thanks :)

    1. Sorry, these are my forever pieces I use everyday. Have you tried looking on resale sites? Sometimes just have to be patient and wait...


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