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If you're itching for a new bag like I am....

Now is the time.  I've been online all night searching for the best deals on bags and here's the list I came up with.  The prices range from $114 and up.  These would make great gifts for yourself or for someone you really love!  And man, this Alexander McQueen clutch stops my heart.

(I know this is a scarf and not a bag, but too pretty not to post)

(this is a great convertible backpack.  You can wear it three different ways and the leather is TDF)

(this is such a great deal.  I have one of these bags in nude and use it all the time)
$357 via Nordstrom they also price match FYI 

(can you tell I am a fan of Alexander Wang?)

(I normally wouldn't give this a second glance but I saw it in person today and it's gorgeous)

The picture on the website doesn't do it any justice at all!

(just cuz the color is so pretty)

(this may be the best deal!  I have one in black and it's so great to use)

(also not a bag, but these are GORGEOUS!  It makes me sad that I can't wear heels like this though)

(sadly this is not on sale, but I just love it so much it made the list.  I love the color, the style, everything)

(I've posted this bag before, and I'm still lusting after this.  Everything I ever really want is never on sale!  I tried it on in black today and the size is perfect for my petite frame)

I'll be posting more items I would buy if I ever hit the lotto as more sales come in...  stay tuned.


  1. Im looking for a nice chic backpack. Im lusting over A mini backpack from Givenchy but my husband thought it's too expensive for its simple look. But this back is all about the simple minimalistic look. Argh!!

    1. I try not to spend too much on a backpack. I have 2. The Rebecca Minkoff one and a Lululemon Run All Day. I've been using the Lululemon for errands, but the Rebecca Minkoff backpack is so easy to use with the side pockets. I may have to bring that one out again. I love the Alexander Wang backpack, but I want it in a specific color and hardware...

    2. I just settled down with Marc Jacobs Haze backpack. saks had it 50% off today in the morning but they were sold out by the time I tried to check out. I had to get it from Nordie for $100 more but it's okay... it's still discounted price... T_T

    3. Not bad. I do like Marc Jacobs. They use nice leather.


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