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Bags! Purses! Handbags! Oh My!

I vacillate between being a girly-girl and the girl who can be "one of the guys".  One of my weaknesses are handbags.  Last week I caved and bought the Alexander Wang Mini Rockie in Latte.  It's been a while since I bought a bag and I really love it.  The size is small, but for a small bag it can pack a lot.  Much more than my Balenciaga mini city can hold for sure.  I would say it could easily hold double the amount if not more.  It's also light weight, which means I can walk around with it all day with no complaints.  My only gripe is the zipper.  It takes some effort to zip the bag up.  I think it's a crap shoot and I just got one that's tougher to use than others.  It's okay though, I love the bag so much I can deal with it.  The color is super pretty especially with the rose gold hardware.  I looooooove rose gold.

I ordered the bag from Shopbop since they had a 20% off coupon.  The price tag is $650, but I got it for $552 after the discount.  I would say it's worth it if you can get it on sale.  I also would suggest seeing the bag in person before buying to insure you get one with a smooth working zipper.  

This was taken with indoor lighting

Natural outdoor lighting

A modeling shot!  Don't mind my disappearing eyeball there!

Also on my wish list was a Givenchy Pandora bag.  I say was, because I went to see the bag myself in person over the weekend and decided I didn't think it was worth the price tag of $1695.  The leather was thin and dry, it didn't look luxurious enough.  Kind of like the hippie hobo trend that the Olsen twins started years ago.  

This is the small sized Pandora in black for $1695

This is the medium sized Pandora bag in Anthracite  for $1940

The small would have been a better size for my frame, but it just didn't say OMG wow bring me home!  The medium sized just doesn't look great for $1940.  Thankfully it's out of my system and off my lust list.  Then I happened to walk by Celine and spotted this gorgeous tote.  I thought it may have been stamped python, but no it's actually real python skin.  Which is too bad, I don't think it needs to be real python in this day and age.  I didn't ask how much this one cost, I fear it's probably somewhere around $8000 or so!      

Gorgeous Celine Luggage tote in python!

Then I also spotted this cutie.  It's a micro sized version of tote.  It's about the same category as my Mini Rockie in terms of size.  Very light weight, totally luxurious, but for $2700, not so sure I would pay full price for it.  Unless of course I win the lotto, then all bets are off and I'll be buying one of everything!

Modeling shot.  Super cute!  

For bonus there was a Balenciaga section and I basically drooled all over these adorable mini cities!  I need a money tree! 

Balenciaga for daaaaaaaaays!

Thank you for reading about one of my passions.  Hope you enjoyed it!  If you're curious about any of the bags, here are some links.  Apparently no one sells Celine bags online so I've linked to a reputable designer website that sells authentic bags only.  However most of it is second hand.  Which I don't mind personally, as long as it's in excellent to like new condition.  

Which bags are your favorites?  Have a bag collection?  Would love to hear what you have!



  1. Ha! The only bag I can afford is the Lululemon Essentials Bag, which I have been waiting for forever. =(

    1. I know the price point isn't for everyone! But I enjoy all kinds of bags. I've actually debating on getting a Lululemon bag, but I"m waiting for a really nice print. What do you think of the Kara Blossom print on the Essentials bag?

  2. Ya, thought about a print but I am going to stick with boring black because it goes with everything. I have so many Hip To Be Free and Festival Bags and now I'm finding that I need a slightly larger purse so I'm hoping that the Essentials Bag will be perfect but we still haven't gotten them yet in Canada.

  3. You chose a lovely bag. Love how it looks crossbody. Enjoy! Bags are my weakness as well.

    1. Thank you! I've been using it everyday since I got it!

  4. you look super cute in Lululemon keep up with the pics


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