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Store Try Ons. Fit Review Friday! Define Jacket, Dance Studio Crop, On The Fly Pant, On The Fly Pant Woven, Scuba Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! I have a massive fit review today. I've been going to the store more often these days because I'm finally getting some of my bottoms hemmed. The little area where I normally do my photo shoots has been occupied by our old couch because we got a new couch! We finally had the old couch picked up this past Tuesday, so I should have some fit reviews coming up with better photos.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

I saw the new Define Jacket and definitely had to try it on. I'm wearing my normal size 4 in Define Jackets. However this one seems to be more on the tight side, unless I'm putting on some weight, which is totally possible. My New York trip didn't help at all!

I really love the pink high lights. The jacket is more pink than it shows in these photos, the lighting at Lululemon wasn't allowing my camera to pick up on the pink. It is super cute, but talked myself out of it since it was on the tight side.

Next up, we have the Dance Studio Crop. The length of these are 25 inches, which for me fits perfectly as full length pants. I'm trying on my normal size 4 and I would say these fit true to size. The fabric is Swift and very light weight. I like to call these swishy pants. 

The only thing I really wasn't crazy about was the waistband. It's very thick and for me I didn't find it very comfortable because of how stiff it felt against my skin. 

I fell in love with the On The Fly Wide Leg 7/8 Crop (I ended up buying it in black and now I want it in silverstone) I decided to try on the On The Fly 7/8 Pant in luxtreme to compare it to the woven fabric.

The luxtreme fabric felt very soft and buttery. It's lightweight but still substantial enough to feel like a luxurious pant. The waistband sits underneath my belly button and felt very comfortable. I would say it's mostly true to size. I say that because a size 2 is too tight on me, but the size 4 feels roomy. There is some extra fabric in the front underneath the waistband that bunches up a bit. It's not horrible but noticeable enough.

Overall I liked the luxtreme fabric, but I definitely prefer the woven fabric. I do think it look great with a crop top. 

Next I tried on the same pant but in the woven fabric. Maybe because it's black but I definitely think the woven fabric is more flattering than the luxtreme, especially in the waist.  There doesn't seem to be as much extra fabric. Verdict? I prefer woven. Woven is office appropriate, whereas luxtreme is more for working out.

I ended up buying these and I'm getting them hemmed so they will be a true 7/8 pant. Can you believe these will be my very first 7/8 pant?! I can't tell you how excited I am. I plan on wearing these to the office for casual Friday with my Rothy's. When I get them back I'll take some better photos.

Lastly, the store had this Scuba Hoodie on markdown for $89. You bet I took it home with me! It's a size 4, I normally take a size 2 in Scubas, but I didn't think this looked overly big, so I bought it. It's currently 95 degrees, and now I can't wait for fall again! 😆


Speaking of WMTM, there are a couple of items worth checking out.

That's it for me! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


  1. Yay! Glad you finally bought your first pair of On the Fly Pant! Mine are all in Luxtreme and since I wear them casually only, I find Luxtreme softer and it comes in more colors. Also it’s $20 cheaper lol! Hope you’ll love the pant after it’s hemmed. Mine are like ankle-length and I just roll up the hem when needed. I must say they are super cute when rolled up.

    I believe you’re not a Camo fan but the Scuba Hoodie in Camo is kind of nice! I thought of getting it too but I don’t need another hoodie. Might change my mind if it’s on sale. :)

    Thanks for the great fit reviews. I always look forward to your review on Fridays! :). Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure I'll love them. I was told I can bring them back and hem them even shorter if I want to.

      I'm not a camo fan, but I thought it would look cute for fall. I seriously do not need another hoodie. I couldn't help it though!

      Thanks for reading Andrea! =)

  2. I was at a lululemon store and was recommended to try on the Wanderer culottes and Crop. The crop was too basic for my liking but I was pleasantly surprised by the culottes, The pleat detail is cute and it’s way more flattering than the crop. Too bad they didn’t have Black in size 2 and I’ve just ordered it online. It’s way cheaper than the On the Fly Wide Leg 7/8!

    1. I wasn't impressed with the crop version either, but good to know about the culottes. Next time I go to the store, I'll try them on!

  3. My Wanderer Culotte arrived today and I love it! It’s extremely light and airy, and the style is really flattering! The fabric is not as substantial as the On the Fly Wide Leg 7/8 and it’s on the thin side, but it would make a perfect summer pant and great for traveling too!


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