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Fit Review! Yogi Racer Back III, What The Sport Tee, Pleat To Street Hoodie

It was a nice 43 degrees today, so I took a walk to Lululemon to see what's new.  I didn't find too much, but I took home the What The Sport Tee on mark down for $39 and a Scuba Hoodie.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and size 2 in semi fitted tops and outerwear.

What The Sport Tee in Heathered Black Size 2

The What The Sport Tee is actually surprisingly comfortable and light weight.  It looks like a regular t shirt, but the back has a loop where you can thread your headphone wires through to keep them tangle free.  I kind of doubt I'll be using this feature, but it's a good idea.  I hope the quality holds up.  It's fairly loose fitting which I like.  I think I'll be wearing this a lot.

Yogi Racer Back III in Space Dye Minty Pink Size 2

Not thrilled at all with the length of this tank!

I really liked how this tank fit except for the length.  I asked if they could possibly hem this for me, but the educator told me it would be straight across and would lose the curved hem.  So I passed on it.  

Pleat To Street Hoodie in Heathered Bordeaux Drama Size 2

Shapeless and frumpy on me

This was a disappointment.  It didn't do anything for my figure and since I have so many hoodies, it was an easy pass.  It would probably look better on someone taller than me I have no doubt.  But for us very petite gals, this is a no!  I will say it is very soft, but nothing special for $128.

Scuba Hoodie III in Double Dot Naval Blue Size 2

This came home with me.  I just love the zipper!  It is on the stiff side, but I can live with it.  Hopefully this will be the last hoodie I buy for a while.  Then I went home and ordered 2 Swiftly Short Sleeves.  Although I may end up returning one.  We shall see.  


  1. I think I have a long sleeve version of that shirt and get a lot of wear out of it. great find! I saw the pleated scuba in store and didn't even try it because I knew that the looser hem would be unflattering. thanks for the confirmation! I'm smitten on the rose gold zipper on the heathered blue hoodie, but am trying to find a speckled black scuba II on eBay or tradesy. that scuba looks great on you!

    1. Thanks! I saw the heathered blue scuba with the rose gold zipper, it's super soft. i really liked that one as well. If I had unlimited funds I would add that to my collection too. Do you prefer the Scuba II over the Scuba III?

    2. I like the II a little better, but the III is just so soft and cozy! I think I'll probably pick up the heathered blue III at some point. I think it will go with a lot. somehow I have both the II and III in black but they are different enough to me to keep both. lol.

  2. Great reviews as always! I have two What the Sport Tees. They are nice and easy to wear. I appreciate your reviews of the Yogi Racerback and Pleat to Street hoodie - I won't even bother to try them on now. As for your swiftly purchases, you can't go wrong. I love all of mine and have no regrets purchasing them. They are my staple workhorses.

    1. Awesome. I have a dark purple Swiftly already so I'm wondering if the colors are too similar to keep both. But I wanted to see them next to each other so I can compare.


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