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New from Athleta! February 2017

As the end of my shopping ban is coming to a close, I've been keeping a folder on my laptop with all the things I might purchase in March. Looking at my wish list, I have found there is not a lot of Lululemon in there. I've been looking at Athleta more and found some new items on their website that I'm curious about and would like to try.

I really wish Athleta would hire some better photographers. I feel like part of the unappealing factor is bad quality and boring photos. I mean look at this:

Even though this photo is awful, I can still see the potential these shorts may have. Granted these aren't really exercise shorts, but as I have enough Speed Shorts in my closet, I'm open to buying other shorts that I can wear out casually. Frankly, my husband is pretty tired of looking at me in workout clothes all the time and for the first time in a long time, this weekend I actually wore jeans two days in a row! 

(I wish these came in petite sizing)

(I'm all about street tights these days and these look perfect)

(Cute, but I wish these came in petite sizing)

(This tank looks like something I would totally wear to work, it's made of linen too!)

(This is actually really cute)

(I'm really digging this forest green color)

(I'm curious to see if this is something I would wear to work, but I dunno about the $148 price tag)

(Okay so this isn't exactly Athleta, but they're selling it on their website and I like it)

So I'm curious to know what do you think of Athleta's new offerings? Yay or nay? I'll definitely be stopping by an Athleta store as soon as my ban is over! 


  1. Athleta totally rocks this spring collection. I love their many capris. also i love spring collection from Alo yoga. But nothing from lulu. :(
    (Except the bomber in dark crome. Im living in it right now. So cute!!!)

    1. I am kind of sad I missed out on the dark chrome bomber. I would have at least liked to have seen it in person, but it looks like it sold out everywhere in a size 2. oh well! I have to check out the new Alo Yoga collection.


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