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Fit Review Friday! Call Me Cozy Wrap & Retreat Yourself Crop

Happy Friday! Last weekend I stopped by the store for some try ons. The Call Me Cozy Wrap looked interesting on the hanger but was too overwhelming on my petite frame. It can be zipped up all the way and when worn like this, it reminds me of a poncho.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

This wrap is a blend of pima cotton and Yak. What is Yak anyway? After a quick search on the internet it looks like a long haired bull. For some reason I can't find it on the Lululemon website to link to it. 

 Next up, I was very interested to see if the Retreat Yourself Crop was petite friendly. The answer is - sorta. It definitely wasn't flattering on me in the heathered soft sand for some reason. I think it just made me look short. It didn't work. The fit is true to size.

Retreat Yourself Crop Heathered Soft Sand Size 4

However, the Retreat Yourself Crop looked much better in the dark gray. Overall, I didn't think these were worth the price. They didn't feel that soft to me but I will admit they were very comfortable on. The dark gray color fits true to size as well.

Here was my outfit for that day. I was mainly running errands so I'm dressed pretty casual. I am wearing my Calm and Collected Wrap that I bought on WMTM. Absolutely love it! It's still in the mid 90s here in Hotlanta and I will be wearing it until it cools down. 

(I'm wearing size small.)

I've been living in wraps these days and I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the Exaltation Wrap that is also on WMTM. I can't seem to decide if I want the dark olive or true navy. Anyone have one? That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. They look great on you, I’m 5’1 and your reviews help a lot thanks so much for them
    Do you happen to know when lululemon releases holiday gear ?

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Hmmm I don't know exactly when but I think probably mid November.

  2. The dark gray Retreat Yourself Crop is not bad. You can dress it up or down, and dark gray goes with most colors.

    Dropped by the store today and the Cloudscape Wrap felt like a duvet! Not sure if I’d like to spend that much on a duvet though lol.

    Lots of winter jackets in the store but nothing really interested me. You can easily pay less for something similar in the market. I’m wearing my Savasana Wrap today and thought it’s been a while since Lulu released a French Terry Wrap. So glad I got two Savasana Wraps and four Gratitude Wraps, and I’m good for a while.

    I miss the days when Lulu had more feminine and interesting design details.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Andrea, totally agree with you. Their recent designs have felt boring and mediocre. I used to pounce on items every Tuesday in fear they would sell out. Now that never happens. I'm pretty obsessed with wraps these days. It's what I wear everyday and all day. A few probably need to be replaced soon. Likely by end of year.

  3. The Calm and Collected Wrap looks so good on you! The first poncho wrap looks like a wizard cloak!


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