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Upload! February 12th 2019

This is a pretty boring upload. So far not much in February has screamed, "buy me!", which is a good thing since I'm on my ban. After my ban is over I definitely want to pick up some items in the antique bark color to try. Now when I look at the new upload, instead of going by what looks awesome, I have to ask myself, "does it work with my wardrobe colors?". See? Progress!

Anything for you this week?

(I have to admit I kind of like these. Love that they are nulux and I love the color too.)

(Don't know what it is but I really dig this color. This one looks more brown/purple but still looks lush.)

(These look very comfy.)

(I think this is really pretty, I wish I needed a bag like this so I could buy it.)

(Wish the camo was in another color besides green.)


  1. You should give the On the Fly Crop a try, Leslie. I remember recommending the On the Fly Pant to you but you found the length too long. The crop version might work for you.

    I usually only wear boot cut pants and never thought I would like the slightly tapered On the Fly Pant, but once I tried it on I was in love. I ended up buying three pairs. It’s very comfy and flattering. Great for traveling and you can dress it up as office wear, especially with the black one. I wear mine as both pant and crop, and it’s really cute when rolled up.

    Yes Antique Bark is so pretty, but I don’t wanna invest on another pair of Lululemon pant/crop and would rather save the money for a jacket. If they make a Scuba Hoodie in this gorgeous color I will probably get it.

    1. Ok you've convinced me to try the On the Fly Crops! Would you recommend I should stick to my regular size 4 in these? I read a couple of reviews, some say they stretched out pretty quickly. These also do not taper like the regular length. Once my ban is over I'll order them to try!

    2. Mine didn’t stretch out at all. However, the fit is slightly different for different colors, probably because the fabrics are slightly different. My Black and Blue Tied ones fit TTS, but the Nimbus Space-dyed one tends to fit a bit looser. I so wanted to get the Healthered Black one but I’ve tried a few pairs in the store and they all fitted big. Too bad I couldn’t size down cos I’m already wearing size 2. :)

    3. Good to know. I'll try the black ones in my regular size 4 and see how they fit. Thanks! I've added them to my cart.


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