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My NYC Trip!

Whenever I fly by myself I always try to get a window seat. I like looking out the window when the plane starts to land, especially when I'm heading back to NYC. I can always spot the building I used to work at. 

The first thing that happens upon arriving back to NY, my parents always take me to dim sum and then my grandma always cooks me a huge meal to welcome me back. This was the first Thanksgiving without my husband and it was hard not being with him and Nero and now Sherlock. But I was so happy to see my grandma. 

I always try to make my grandma laugh and right before I took this picture I said, "I don't know why my head looks so big next to yours." That totally did the trick.

I also managed to make it back in time for my brother's 42nd birthday. How did we get so old? Here's a rare photo of the three of us. My brother doesn't normally look so grumpy but I guess he's not thrilled to be getting older.

I was actually really surprised that my nephew was so excited to see me. I swear, I always think he wouldn't remember me at all since he's not even 5 years old. He just wanted to sit next to me every chance he got. He's pretty cute. I told him he better come visit me in Atlanta. 

My girlfriends and I met up to have dim sum and then we walked over to the American Stock Exchange to see the Louis Vuitton exhibit. Yes, that's my Vinysasa Scarf and my new Down For A Run Jacket with a Define Jacket layered underneath. =)

The Louis Vuitton exhibit is definitely worth going to. The entire history is explained on how it all began. It showcased a lot of custom made orders for the rich and famous. One lady had a wardrobe designed specifically for her 30 pairs of shoes. Shoes were so tiny back in the day! I'm not a huge Louis Vuitton fan, but I definitely admire the brand. The exhibit is also FREE! At the end of the exhibit you also get a free Louis Vuitton pin as a souvenir. 

We look good for middle aged. =D

Grandma's Cooking! This is a winter solstice soup that I requested since I'll miss it. I love this soup. It has mushrooms, dried scallop, dried shrimp, cabbage and bits of pork and chicken with rice flour hand rolled into these little balls. It's soooo good on a chilly day and NYC definitely gets cold! 

One of the things I really miss about New York are the beaches. Even though the beaches are technically closed right now, you can still go there to walk around. It's nice because of how empty it is and it's very peaceful. 

I love Jeni's ice cream and decided to have some shipped to New York so my family can try some. I picked out 4 flavors. Coffee with cream, milkiest chocolate, pear sorbet, and cookies & cream. Everyone loved the coffee with cream the most. Cookies & cream was a big hit. The pear sorbet was a hit or miss. You either loved it or didn't like it at all. Milkiest chocolate I think was everyone's least favorite. 


It's always bittersweet going back to NYC. I love seeing my friends and family, but the time always goes by so fast. I was there 9 days and it passed by in a blink of an eye. I spent as much time as I could with my grandma. She's 95 years old and who knows how many days she has left on this earth. Whenever I leave, I always wonder, will this be the last time I see her? I pretty much cried the entire way back to Atlanta and then some. 

I am happy to be back with my three boys. Here's some more cute photos of Sherlock. He's trying to help me fold all the laundry. He's just too frickin cute. He loves to sit in my lap as I type my blog posts! By the way, I upgraded to the iPhone X. Here are some photos taken with the portrait setting. I'm impressed!

That's it for me! Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!


  1. It looks like you had a great time in NYC! I am really excited to go there just after Christmas. Can you recommend a good Dim Sum place? I definitely need to get my fix while we're there! We're staying near Times Square. Have a great week :)

    1. Oh yay! The closest dim sum to Times Square is in Chinatown. You will have to either take the subway or cab it. It's about 20 minute ride by subway. Take the 6 or N train downtown. 6 is faster than the N. Take it down to Canal Street and then you can walk it over. The place is called Jing Fong and they open at 10am. It's on 20 Elizabeth street. If you don't want to ride the subway you can Lyft or Uber. It'll be cheaper than a taxi. Or if you really want to experience NYC and have the time you can walk it. It is possible. Will take probably 90 minutes walking. Longer if you stop and be touristy. hehe. Enjoy and let me know if you go!

    2. Sorry for my late reply :) Excellent, we will definitely try it out, I will report back ;)

  2. It sounds like you had a great thanksgiving back to NYC and so sweet that you love your grandmother so much. Personally I am not close to my grandfolks so it is nice to read about your experience. I know it is not the same but you have to learn how to make that winter soup! It will be something to remember your grandmother by.

    1. I do have the soup documented on video and I took lots of pictures, so maybe it will help me make it some day... but yes, it won't be the same. I'm really close to my grandma because she's the one that raised me. I'm not very close to my mom at all.

  3. Wow looks like an amazing trip!! So sweet of you to get Jeni's delivered for everyone to try! And awwww Sherlock! <3

    1. He's so cute! I hope he always stays this way hahahahha.


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