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Review J.Crew Signet Bag Italian Leather

This post is long overdue. Last month when I was on my shopping ban, J.Crew had a 30% off coupon that was only good for a few days. I was lamenting to my husband that I really wanted to get the black version of the Signet bag that I already had in soft blossom. It's a great everyday bag and one I use daily for work. He said he would get it for me for my birthday. I told him I wanted it monogrammed. I also mentioned that I didn't want my initials monogrammed. I told him he should surprise me with a fun acronym. Boy did he ever!

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Everyone knows what FML stands for, right? But coming from my husband it also means "For My Love". He knew I would love the duality of the acronym. It's absolutely perfect! 😆

The Signet bag also comes in a variety of colors. Each one comes with a different colored key fob. The fob contains the keys to the lock that comes with the bag. I haven't actually tried to see if it works, but I assume it does.

The bag is 8 inches in length, 6 inches high and about 3 inches deep. It's the perfect size to hold all your daily essentials. I can easily fit my iPhone, key case, card case, card holder, my inhaler, lipstick, chapstick, extra battery charger, cough drops and gum. I don't actually use a wallet. I prefer to divide everything up into two slim card holders. There's also two side pockets. One is zippered the other one is open for easy access. 

I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and the bag does not look small against me. I should also mention the strap is very long, if you look closely you can see I've made it shorter my knotting it once around the back strap.

The leather is very high quality and soft. It is a bit textured and I think it will hold up very well as long as you take care of the bag. I've had it for over a month now and have worn it to work as well as on the weekends. I think the black color makes this a very versatile bag that can go with any outfit. The hardware is a subtle gold, which I like. I'm not into super yellow shiny gold.

The bag also comes in a fun color block suede and leather that would be perfect for spring outfits. The price is $128 which won't break your bank account. Sometimes J.Crew will offer up to 30% off your purchase which would bring this baby down to under $100. Even at full price I think this bag is worth the money. If you would also like to get your bag monogrammed it costs an extra $10.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


J.Crew Signet Bag
30% off with CODE: HAPPYSPRING


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    1. Isn't it? I absolutely love it! It makes me smile every time and I've been using it almost everyday for work. I don't need a bigger bag since I don't have to carry a laptop with me.


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