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Exclusive SeaWheeze Gear 2016!

New photos have been released on the SeaWheeze website.  For the women's I'm only digging the fuchsia colored outfit.  The rest of it doesn't appeal to me.  Just reminds me of 80s technicolor!  The men's is a bit more subdued and for the better.  What do you guys think?

And for the men's-


  1. Wow. I'm not missing out on anything. Lululemon really offered some interesting patters this year...

    By the way I order the jellyfish print from Werkshop today in the pant length and crop. Wanted to try them both out to see which I like more. I will exchange one to get a different pattern. I will let you know what I think. You and Suzanne are have amazing blog but are such enablers to my addiction!! Thanks again for the help!

    Did you get a persu bag. Suzanne did a review recently and wanted an opinion about how they hold up and if they are more functional than a Lululemon bag...


    1. Yay! I know you will definitely love the Jellyfish print. I don't have any real gym bags... haha. I basically use the Run All Day Backpack if I need to bring my water bottle and things to the gym that's inside my building. I live in a condo and they have a decent gym here. So I don't have to bring any change of clothes with me.

      Thanks so much for reading my blog, Ang! =)


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