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Review! What The Sport Tee & Beat The Heat Short Sleeve Tiger Space Dye

Last week I ordered two What The Sport Tees.  One was on mark down in heathered red grape and the other color tiger space dye is still full priced.  I ordered both in size 2 which is my normal size in this particular top.  I also ordered Beat The Heat Short Sleeve also in tiger space dye so I could determine which I liked better.  I ordered a size 4 in Beat The Heat Short Sleeve.

On the left Beat The Heat Short Sleeve on the right What The Sport Tee

The heatherd red grape fit me perfectly.  Sometimes it's a gamble with WMTM since Lululemon isn't always consistent with sizes.   Here is a perfect example.  The tiger space dye version is actually cut more narrow in the shoulders.  There's a little bit of pulling in my armpit area that isn't comfortable so I'm returning it this weekend.  I'm keeping Beat The Heat Short Sleeve in tiger space dye.

I lined up the left sides of the tiger space dye over the heathered red grape.  You can see it's cut narrower.  I'm not sure if it's because of the different fabric between the two?  But I really wish Lululemon would keep things consistent.  I wonder if it's just the one I have?  I'm not sure.  

Here's a close up of the shoulders.

Here are some modeling shots from my past try ons at the store-

Beat The Heat Short Sleeve Size 4 (fits perfectly)

What The Sport Tee Size 2 (fits perfectly)

What The Sport Tee Size 4 (too big in the size 4 but too tight in the size 2 sigh)

What The Sport Tee (full price)

That's all for today, hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. How do you like the beat the heat? Are you going to use it for working out or for casual wear?

    1. So far I've only worn it out casually, but I do plan on trying it out when I go running and see how I like it. I'll let you know when I do!


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