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Fit Review! Swiftly SS, Precision Jacket, Speed Shorts, Run Times Short

I took my once a week trip to the store to see what's new.  They had tons of new things for me to try on and I was most excited about the Speed Shorts.

As usual I'm normally a size 4 in fitted tops and bottoms.

The heathered boom juice Swiftly SS was on my wish list for a while.  I finally found one at the store to try on, I'm guessing it was a return.  While the color looks very pretty on me I didn't think it was a must have in my collection.

Swiftly SS in Heathered Boom Juice Size 4

I'm also wearing it with a pair of Run Times Short in pretty prism print.  The print isn't bad, but I thought the shorts looked wrinkly even though they weren't.  The size 4 was a tiny bit big on me and the store didn't have a size 2 for me to try on.

Run Times Short in Pretty Prism Size 4

Weird that they kind of look wrinkly!

Next up, I grabbed the Swiftly SS in black that everyone's raving about.  The store only had a size 4 in the SS.  All small sizes in the LS were already sold out.  I think the smallest size I saw in the LS was an 8.

Swiftly SS in Black Size 4

The fit was TTS and it was soft and smooth.  For $58 I'm not sure I can justify it for a black top.  You would think Lululemon would make this a staple color.  I'm also wearing the Speed Shorts in rio nights.  The print itself is very pretty.  The purple is super vibrant and the green is a nice contrast.  I tried on the size 2 and the size 4 to see which one fit better.  The size 2 is slightly on the small side for me but it wasn't uncomfortable.  

Speed Shorts in Rio Nights Size 4

Size 4

Size 4

Speed Shorts in Rio Nights Size 2

One thing I will mention is the print on the size 2 Speed Shorts was better than the one in the size 4.  In cases like these, I definitely like to see the print placement in person instead of buying online and hoping for the best!

Next up, the Precision Jacket in cyber jungle is interesting.  I definitely preferred it over the solid black and heathered battleship that I saw at the store.  I definitely liked the contrast of the inside lining in hero blue.  It looks very pretty peeking out.

Precision Jacket in Cyber Jungle Size 4

The jacket is very fitted and it accentuates my hips since it's so form fitting.  Although if you're taller than me it may not fall to your hips.  Keep in mind I'm only 4 feet 11 inches tall.

Overall I liked the jacket, but for $118 I want to love it.  It was comfortable and stretchy.  I liked the asymmetrical zipper.  And the zipper was very smooth which is always a plus.  This would make a really cute spring jacket.  And in case you're wondering I am wearing the Speed Shorts shown with the jacket in a size 2.

Maybe I should have put my sneakers on?  

Last but not least they had the Free to Be Wild Bra in kara blossom print!  SO MINE!

Thanks for reading!  Hope you liked my review.


  1. I cant wait to visit my local store to try Precision jacket and blk swiftly ss. I really like Precision jacket but I already got 2 jackets in past a month so I may cross my fingers for it goes on WMTM later.

    1. I think it may go on WMTM if you're patient enough. Cross your fingers it does and they still have your size. Let me know what you think of the jacket!

  2. the ss swiftlies looks great on you. I did cave and picked up the ls swiftly in black as well. your pics are making me think I should have gone with the ls boom juice swiftly I saw online! glad that you found a bra in that awesome print!

    1. The LS swiftly in boom juice is different than the SS swiftly. I think it may be the different fabric? I'm not quite sure. Out of the two, I preferred the SS in the boom juice for the swiftly!

    2. OH I meant to say the color is slightly different between the two.


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