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First Lululemon Outlet in Georgia!

One of my readers, Shelley, let me in on this little piece of news. There's a little article online about the grand opening on August 5th. I also took a screen shot of it in case the link gets taken down.

I did not get to go this weekend, but Shelley did! She took a few pictures and sent them to me. Prices seem similar to warehouse sales.

Men's pricing

Women's pricing

Here's Shelley's comments on her visit. She got there before the store opened at 10 am.

"Long line to get in! $30 Cool Racerbacks, $20 shorts. They had some Tight Stuff Crops with Hong Kong pricing. Some tights with prints going back 2-3 years. Cyber Stripe High Times. Energy Bras, Speed Shorts, some Free To Be Wild Bras. Saw a blue Down For A Run Vest for $99. I walked out with a Rebel Runner Crop for $50 and 105 Singlet for $40."

Thank you so much Shelley!!! The photos are great. 

From where I live, the outlet is about an hour drive north. I will try and go next weekend. It's pretty exciting that a Lululemon outlet opened up kind of close by. I hope to snag some goodies from there soon! Over the weekend I purchased my husband's first Lululemon item. I went for a Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve. I was told by the educator that these run small, and to size up. Sure enough he was right. My husband usually takes a medium and the large fit him nicely. I'll report back once he tries it out on a run. Maybe he will become a Lulu addict too! He already commented that it feels really soft. That's a very good sign. 😃

 Hope you all had a great weekend!!! 


  1. Hope you make it out there and find good stuff! I got there Saturday (grand opening) at 9:55am for 10am opening time. Ended up waiting 40 mins to get in. Waited another 15 mins to checkout (they initially only had 2 registers open, then opened the 3rd one). My sister-in-law went later in the afternoon and said the line was still really long and didn't wait.

    Items weren't always on the correct rack/size, probably from people grabbing and putting back wherever. Employees were super nice. The customers... most were nice... some were just rude.

    Personally I didn't find the prices amazing, especially since I have a good collection of "need" stuff already and I'm really trying to only buy "need will wear every week" items. So a lot of the outlet stuff was cool, but everything would add up and I'd still be spending $$$ on not needed stuff. ><;;

    1. Yeah, I figured there would be an insane line especially on the grand opening. I totally want to check it out though! Hopefully this weekend or next! I hear you, I have so much Lulu, I really don't NEED any more, but so I have to be careful when I go and ignore the sale goggles!

  2. I also live in Atlanta one hour south of the outlets - I haven't been up there yet but it might be the reason to visit the outlets in general. My general experience with lulu outlets is that the prices are ok and sometimes there is a good sale on one item. However it does appear they are making outlet stuff now - like on wmtm with energy bras (tan liners are the give away) power y, crb original etc. More outlets means more merchandise is needed.

    1. That would be interesting to confirm. I wonder if people would be less interested if they knew Lulu was making things specifically for the outlets. I hope to make it to see for myself soon!


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