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USA / Canada Upload! July 11th 2017

Lots of submarine and nile blue which I can't really tell what the difference is? Both colors are really nice but so similar. So far nothing for me this upload, which is good because I've already spent enough money the past few uploads. I'll probably head to the store this weekend to check out some of these new items in person. Anything for you?

(Looks great, but again the underwear problem!)

(I'm really digging this submarine color, but the tank reminds me of something I saw at Victoria's Secret once.)

(I believe this is the first time I've seen an asian model for Lulu! She's cute.)

(What is the difference between this and submarine?)


(Finally some more colors! These are my go to headbands)

(I kind of want to try this tank?)

(I know this will sell out fast!)

(I remember when anorak jackets were super popular back in junior high school!)

(easy pass!)


  1. I like the reveal crops (sides look cool) but yeah underwear problems I'd rather not deal with, so no go. Loving the Ice Milk shorts + Submarine/Jaded top color combos. I snatched up the Love Tee 2 in Misty Mauve b/c it's so pretty. I have another Love Tee 2 in gray that I love and wear casually a lot (I wear a 2 in it). I'm still keeping my eye on the Hotty Hots in Ice Milk - curious to see the color in person.

    1. Hmmm I wonder if the size 2 in the Love Tee would be too big on me... which is why I haven't ordered it. The ice milk and submarine looks amazing together! It's really tempting. I think I'll go to the store this weekend to see in person rather than ordering. I've been ordering too much lately! Will ban myself soon!


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