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Fit Review! Down For A Run Jacket Black Cherry

I confess, I love this years version of Lululemon's Down For A Run Jacket. I looked at my review of the original version from 2 years ago and the fit wasn't flattering at all.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear a size 4 in Define Jackets and a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies to give you an idea. The Down For A Run Jacket is one of those times I can size down.

I went with black cherry because I'm not a fan of green in general so gator green was out. I'm too much of a klutz to buy white and I always try to stay away from black if at all possible, so that leaves me with black cherry. The color itself is a very dark purple almost like an eggplant color. I would say the photos are pretty accurate.

Down For A Run Jacket Size 2 Black Cherry

The size 2 fits me well. It's not tight at all but I wouldn't be able to layer much underneath it. A long sleeve Swiftly should be fine but nothing thicker than that. The length of the coat covers my bum and the sleeves are noticeably different from the original version. There are thumbholes and the option for cuffins to keep your hands extra warm. I didn't find the sleeves to be too long which makes me happy. The wrist cuffs are also loose so I have no problem rolling or folding them up if I need to.

I've always liked the side vent feature that allow you to keep cool. The fit is flattering at the waist and the stretch side panels are makes it easy to move around comfortably. The hood stays up when the jacket is completely zipped. The jacket is super light weight and water resistant.

Overall, I really like the upgrade and for $198 I think this jacket is worth the money, especially since it's made of 800 fill goose down. I've already removed the tags and wore it over the weekend in 40 something degree weather and it did the job of keeping me nice and toasty. I'm also heading over to New York in a few days for Thanksgiving and will be taking this jacket with me!


In other news, Sherlock is settling in nicely. He loves to cuddle up and nap whenever he's with me. I don't know what he did during the day when I was at work but when I got home he was so happy to be let out of his crate he just climbed up onto my shoulder and passed out. 

I let him be by himself in the room for a while and when I went in to check on him he was napping on top of my big pillow.

 Look at that sleepy face.

Okay that's all for tonight! Gotta go back to kitten duty. I was doing so well last week working out everyday... now it's gone to crap again. I hope to be able to work out at least once before I leave on Friday to New York! I can't wait to see my friends and family. It's been 6 long months. I hate to leave Sherlock so soon and I already know I'll miss out on seeing how he'll grow in those 9 days. *sniffles*


  1. LOVE the new DFAR on you...I hope I can snag one on WMTM after Xmas like I did with the First Mile and Run for Cold jackets. I think I have a bit of a jacket problem! Haha! Little Sherlock is settling in nicely, he is adorable!

    1. I bet you can! I've also have an addiction to jackets... I should be getting the Non-Stop Bomber in the mail tomorrow!

  2. The DFAR jacket fits so nicely on you, much better than last year's version. Sherlock is adorable :). Have a great time in NYC! My hubby and I will be spending a couple of days there before Thanksgiving. So looking forward to the food, shopping, and energy!

    1. Ah nice! I'll be there from the 17th to 26th. Will definitely do a NYC post for sure! Have a great time there as well!

  3. LOVE IT!! Looks so awesome and warm on you!

  4. I got the exact same one! =D

    1. I do, but haven't worn it out yet. It's been ranging btwn 33-50 °F here for the last few wks, so I've only been using my 2 parkas:

    2. I've been wearing mine a lot. I find it really warm when thrown over a sweater. Your parkas look super heavy duty! I don't own anything like that. But then again no need for it here in Atlanta.


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