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Upload! October 23rd 2018

Not much of an upload tonight. Only really interested in the Time To Thrive Jacket, although it looks more like a sweater. I wouldn't call it a jacket.

Any items in particular you would like to see a review of from tonight's upload? Planning on placing an order at the end of the month for more reviews. I have a nice Fit Review Friday post coming up for you all!

(I think it looks best in dark chrome)

(Not crazy about the matte area in the front.)

(This is really pretty, but not petite friendly, looks super long)

(I actually quite like this.)

(This is the prettier color I think.)

(These would look so pretty with the Time To Thrive Jacket in silver drop)

(I think this print is great in small doses, I might need this in my collection.)


  1. I’m kind of interested in the Down for it All Jacket cos it’s pretty in Dark Chrome and Petrol Blue. Not sure if I like the seam across the front though. Would you be able to do a fit review on this?

    The Time to Thrive Jacket looks so comfy but I don’t know how it’ll fit on a petite body. I’m really loving Heathered Silver Drop!

    1. Sure I'll put both items on my order at the end of the month! Cross your fingers they'll have my size left. =)

    2. Really appreciate it, Leslie! :)

      Saw this when I was browsing an online Canadian bookshop and thought of you! :D


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