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Update On Sherlock!

Sherlock is still not well. His condition seems to change every day. Sometimes in the morning he looks worse. Then at night he seems a little better. It's so hard to tell. We took him to the vet yesterday and they're not convinced he has a tail pull and wants us to get him to a neurologist for more testing. So we have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday. 

We also bought a nanny cam so we can see what he's doing while we're at work. 95% of the time when I check he's just sleeping. But tonight while I was trying to sneak a workout in he was running back and forth like a mad man. Went into the room and his litter was everywhere. He also managed to sit in his water bowl, and stepped into his food bowl.

I had a blog post planned for tonight but I haven't been able to write it since I've been spending most of my time at home with Sherlock. I will definitely have a post up over the weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Praying your little buddy makes a speedy recovery!

  2. Sick pets are the worst. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  3. Hope Sherlock gets better soon - sending him lots of love!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry you have to go through this and I pray that Sherlock will be OK. It is so hard to see our furry family members in pain.

  5. My kitty and I are sending good vibes Sherlock's way.

  6. Poor wee laddie, I hope he improves soon!


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