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Upload! November 12th 2019

Tonight's upload is for Align lovers. Unfortunately I don't think a lot of it is petite friendly. The only one I would consider trying is the Align Crop 21" Cross Waist but I think the high waist is too high. It completely covers the model's belly button which means it would probably be close to my rib cage. The back of the pant would probably hit my bra strap. 😂 I won't be ordering but if I see it at the store this weekend I'll give it a try on.

Anything for you? Nothing for me but I do appreciate the prettiness of all the new Align bottoms.

(Looks fabulous!)

(I think this is really pretty.)

(I kinda love this, but afraid the waist is too high. They look really high to me.)

(Love this too!)

(I love this, but think this is a smidge too small.)


  1. Nothing for me either, I really had my hopes up for some holiday clothes lol. I thought the foil define would be back by now. I have to pAss on the Align too, I have the same problem, they will be too high

  2. Love the Align Crop 21" Cross Waist in Mini Space Dyed Herringbone Black but CAD 108? ...

    1. It's $98 USD. Crops are usually $88 so I guess the herringbone and new design make it an extra $10... grrr...

    2. Align Crops are CAD 88 but this one is CAD 20 more!

    3. I’ve sent lululemon an email re possible pricing error. Will see.

    4. Let me know what they say. Curious to hear if it is or not!


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