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Huge Sneaky Upload! November 19th 2018

Lululemon is trying to get a head start on holiday shopping. Only a few items interests me tonight. So far I won't pull the trigger on anything because I'm waiting to see what Black Friday deals are to be had. But I do love the antique bark in Breeze By Muscle Tank and Train Times Crop in cognito camo. I have a pair of Train Times Crop that I really love. Might be time to get another! Anything for you tonight? What pieces are you interested in?

(I have 3 of these, and like this color a lot)

(I really like how vibrant this is)

(I actually love this color a lot, it's super saturated and the purple is lovely.)

(Waaaaay too bright for me)

(I really like this mustard yellow but not in this jacket)

(Not a fan of this lumpy fabric. Reminds me of hives or growths. Shudders.)

(This is almost Matrix looking, interesting but not for me)

(This jacket just looks stiff and no shape to me, but pretty color)

(These look super comfy! Cotton Fleece!)

(Has a pocket in the back waistband.)

(I have these in my cart, maybe these is the item in camo I've been waiting for?)

(If you're looking for a gift for a Vinyasa collector this would be it!) 

(love how the back looks cinched but I think you need to be tall to pull this off, model is 5 foot 10)


  1. U.S. got a way nicer upload than Canada!!! I want to get a Transformation Wrap which I missed out years ago. Also love the new black/white pattern in Rest Less Pullover. Hopefully both items will be uploaded to the Canadian site soon.

    I ordered the Calm and Cozy Jackets in both Heathered White and Purple Quartz. Love the collar but as you said the body looks a bit stiff. Will let you know how it fits.

    Oh a cashmere Vinyasa scarf!!! :D

    1. Did we? I also forgot to check the girls section to see if there's anything good uploaded there. I'm really starting to love the Transformation wrap more and more. I wonder if a shortie like me can pull it off. Might order it to try. Do let me know about the Calm & Cozy Jacket! OMG did you really order the cashmere Vinyasa Scarf?! Jealous!

    2. The Cashmere Vinyasa Scarf is not available at the Canadian site yet but, even if it is, I won’t invest so much in a scarf lol!

  2. Do order the Transformation Wrap and try cinching the back!

    1. I have it in my cart, waiting to see what Black Friday sales look like first!


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