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Review! Allbirds Tree Dashers & Tree Breezers!

Another weekend over? Say it ain't so! Weekends fly by so fast. I swear it was just yesterday I was thinking TGIF! Today I have for you a review of Allbirds Tree Dashers and some photos of my Tree Breezer in harvest. I've had both pairs for a little while now. 

 For reference I wear a size 6 in Allbirds Mizzles, a size 5.5 in Tree Breezers, and size 5.5 in Allbirds Tree Dashers.

Tree Dashers are meant for running, but I'm using them for everyday walking and home workouts. My home workouts consist of weight lighting and full body cardio using my VR headset. These are  very cushiony sneakers. Super supportive and light weight. 

Bottom of the shoe has very light treads, so I wouldn't recommend using these in the rain. These are very breathable and flexible which is why I really like them. The interesting thing about the design is the front of the shoe. If you look closely, it has no tongue. The foot slips in and the laces can be pulled to adjust how tight you like them to be. I really like the fact that there is no separation for a tongue. It's actually a seamless design, I kinda wish all of my Allbirds were made this way! 

The shoe is knitted into a mesh like fabric that's made of eucalyptus trees. Isn't that amazing? The heel is lined with merino wool for cushioning and does a great job molding to your foot. The best part? This is completely washable. As for fit, I'm wearing a size 5.5 but I am also wearing it with thick socks. I think if I were to switch to thin socks I could fit into a size 5. I do think these run a little bit large. 

Even though I'm not a runner, I do occasionally run for some extra cardio, these make me want to try them out on the treadmill once gyms are safe to use again! I'm definitely looking forward to it. They are sooo comfortable. I'm a big fan of Allbirds and purchased these when they first came out. Now there are tons more colors available and I wish I had waited until the purple ones were released and now of course they're out of my size. 😩 I would definitely order a second pair in the smaller size for the days where I want to wear thin socks. 

And of course I can't resist a good pink color so I just had to order the limited edition harvest color in the Tree Breezers. This is my third pair in this style. I used to wear them to work all the time, they're also great for walking around. Overall, super comfortable walking shoes. I won't go into depth since I wrote about them before. If you're interested you can read my past review here.

Comfy right out of the box!

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Thanks for the review, Leslie, and I love the Tree Dasher! Just checked and most of the popular colors are sold out in my sizes, well actually in most sizes! They must be good cos with the tax it adds up to nearly CAD 200 a pair!!!

    I really want the light grey but now only dark grey is available in my size. Would you say it’s true to size? I’m US 7.5 but wear Skechers size 7 as my casual (dog walking) shoes. Any advice?

    By the way, I love your Manduka mat! Was tempted to get the exact one but I already have five mats in different sizes and thicknesses! :). Their yoga mats are the best!

    1. I do think these run a little bit big. Maybe try the size 7. If they feel too snug, exchange for the 7.5?

      Haha good eye! I can't believe you recognized it as a Manduka mat lol! My best friend recommended the brand to me and it is by far the best yoga mat I've ever had. Pricey but worth it.

    2. Thanks for your advice, Leslie! Unfortunately all the nice colors were sold out in my size. Looks like they do sell like hot cakes!

      Re Manduka mats, their travel mat is the best. So compact and you can go anywhere with it. Highly recommend!

    3. I would recommend signing up for emails so that way you can get a heads up on new colors!

  2. I really like both colorways! The tree dashers look stylish and comfy and light for summer.

    1. I love my Allbirds. My collection is growing- eeps!


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