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Black Friday Sales!

Last night I did some damage at Lululemon which wasn't all that great of a deal to be honest, but I wanted to try some of their new Featherlight bottoms.  Here are a few other websites that I shop at that are having great sales.

Werkshop is giving 20% off your entire purchase which is super!  I think this also works with my referral link for $10 off your first purchase if you are new to Werkshop.  I'm not 100% sure it will combine but it's worth trying.  I hope to receive the joggers I ordered in the mail today.  If I do, I'll try and get a review up tomorrow since the sale is good until Monday.  I also have tons of reviews on Werkshop on my site.  

K-Deer is also having a nice 25% off sale which includes free shipping AND returns.  I have a few reviews up on their leggings in children size which are super for petites.  

Alala is also having a nice sale.  Save up to 40% off your purchase.  I'm a fan of their hoodies and their crops are petite friendly.  I'm tempted to order these Blocked Crops.

Athleta is offering 20% of your entire purchase although some exclusions apply.  If you're new to Athleta, you can receive $15 off your first order over $100 with my referral link.

If you snag any goodies this weekend I would love to know details!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I am still debting if i should get werkshop crane or alo airbrush butterflies. I could only apply 1 coupon for werkshop but they are rarely on sale so tempted. I was eyeing for alo airbrush butterflies since your review and now it's only $49. Argh~~~~~

    1. That's too bad you can't combine. Well... it's a tough call. I really like the airbrush butterflies and that's a really good deal. I paid $88 for mine? On the other hand you're right the Werkshop is almost never on sale. There's a chance you may not like Werkshop though because of the material. Their fabric nothing like any of the leggings I have and it's also hard to describe. It's super smooth and slippery sort of but very thin and compressive. Maybe order both and return one?

  2. I'm so proud of myself and I didn't really do much shopping this year. I was eyeballing the InScuplt jackets and they sold out online so it wasn't meant to be. I got an iTunes gift card deal and used up two gift cards at Titika and a Brazilian store where my difference ended up under $10 each.

    1. Wow, that's great! There were a lot of good deals this year so you have amazing self control!


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