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Fit Review Friday! K-Deer Sophia Stripe

Happy Friday everyone!  I didn't go to a store this week for new Lulu items since their upload was so disappointing.  Today we have K-Deer Sophia stripe leggings.  I don't think I've ever fully did a proper review on K-Deer leggings with photos.  Normally I stay away from stripe anything, but I find these tights to actually lengthen my legs.  They're seriously amazing!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

Let me start by saying I've never tried the women's version of these leggings.  I've read reviews that they are very high waisted and I knew right off that bat I wouldn't like wearing them.  Since I'm on the petite side, I opted to try their kids sizes instead.

I debated between the large and x-large but ultimately went with the large based on the size chart.  The large fits a 26-28 inch waist.  My waist is around 26 inches.  The only thing I worried about is if my 33 inch hips would fit.  And they do!

I will say you do have to spend some time pulling these up your legs like pantyhose.  They do not slide on.  But once I got them up, they're super comfortable to wear.  The waist hits exactly at my bellybutton which is perfect.  No muffin top at all.  The waist band is very stretchy so it would also be fine if your waist is bigger than mine.  But, if you have bigger hips it may be a problem.  I don't think they would fit anything bigger than a 34 inch hip.  The XL would be better but then the waist may be too loose.  

The back of the tights has a K-Deer logo stitched on.  These are made in the USA.  The stripes almost line up perfectly.  They're just slightly off, but I don't mind.  One major plus about fitting into children's sizes is the price.  These only cost $48!!!!  The women's version of these cost $98 and the capri length is $88.  K-deer just launched an ankle length version of their leggings for women but since I fit into the children size, I'm sticking with these.  One other reason why I didn't opt for the capri length is because I feel like it doesn't give you the full range of colors as the leggings.

As you can see the length is absolutely perfect on me.  The inseam measures 24.5 inches long.  I also have these in the Jennifer stripe and Alexis stripe.  I would totally get these in more colors.  For $48 sign me up!  K-Deer does charge a shipping fee of $5.  If you don't see your size available, K-Deer does restock every so often.  I waited a couple of months before I saw my size back in stock for the Sophia Leggings.

Compression wise I find these are on the low end.  If you're looking for compression tights you may prefer Werkshop leggings.  I do running, yoga, circuit training in these and they are holding up fine.  I also wear these out casually if I'm feeling extra happy.  I'm so glad that these are petite friendly.

That's all for today!  Hope you all have a great weekend!


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