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Werkshop Jellyfish Leggings HAVE ARRIVED!


Two weeks ago I ordered Jellyfish leggings from Werkshop.  I kept checking the tracking and last Monday, it said they were delivered in my mailbox.  I run downstairs to get them and WHERE ARE THEY?!  Nothing, no package was there for me.  I start panicking because I live in a huge apartment complex with a gazillion mailboxes next to each other.  So I knew someone else had received my Jellyfish leggings.

I wrote a sad email to Werkshop to let them know what happened and they said to give it a week, and if they don't show up, they would "take care of me."  Which I hope meant they would send me a replacement pair.  Lol.

A week goes by and it's Tuesday night and my husband says, "Did you email Werkshop yet?"  I told him I'll email them in the morning.  I go to take out the garbage and open the door to see my WERKSHOP PACKAGE on the floor!!!  I literally gasped!  There is some goodness left in this world!!!  Thank you to whoever it was that dropped them off.  Totally made my day!

Here is my Werkshop collection of leggings!

I love them all!

I don't really practice yoga at all.  I'm a total amateur and new to it.  But I still try.  I need to get my workout in today.  I plan on doing my 20 minute cardio with some yoga afterwards.

If you're thinking about placing a Werkshop order, you can use my referral link and receive 10% off your first order.


  1. Nice print!! It looks good on you. Before trying Full Wheel pose, try bridge pose. You need to try curve upper back first and the low back the last.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll give the bridge a go first!

  2. What size are you in werkshop? I'm a 2/4 in lulu so trying to figure out my werkshop size. Thanks!

    1. I wear them in a size small and I'm a true size 4 in WUnder Unders. I also don't like for my leggings to be too tight on me. Agent athletica prefers XS in her Werkshop leggings and is always a size 2 in Lululemon. She doesn't mind compressive fit though. Hope that helps!


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