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Review- Coach 1941 Mailbox Bag Metallic Smoke

Happy Friday everyone! I was going to head to the mall after work today to do some try ons, but I changed my mind and decided to get my workout in instead. I'll try and do some try ons soon! I have for you another Coach review. Recently I reviewed the Keith Haring Rogue 25 bag and after mulling it over for a bit, I decided to return it. I'm so glad I did!

My latest handbag purchase is this gorgeous metallic smoke mailbox bag. This is another Coach 1941 design that's absolutely beautiful. Even though the color is metallic, it's a matte metallic and not shiny. I have owned some really loud metallic bags in the past and this one is very subtle. The color is a gray blue that can sometimes look green depending on the lighting.

As you can see this one has crystal embellishments along the top of the bag and on the strap. The strap is brown which at first I thought didn't work with the blue gray color of the bag but now I absolutely love the contrast. 

I absolutely love the tea rose kiss locks. It's beautifully designed and thought out. They open and close very smoothly without any problems. They actually stay closed too. The hang tag is featured in the middle of the bag instead of hanging off the side. 

The hardware is gunmetal. 

I love the little rexy charm.

This bag is a work of art. That's pretty much how I see it. It may not be one of a kind, but that's okay in my book. The kiss locks open to pockets on either side of the bag that's large enough to easily fit the biggest smart phone and it's also pretty handy stashing receipts and lottery tickets. 😁 When opened the leather bends, it does not fold. I do think eventually a crease will start to form but I think that will just add character to a vintage looking piece. 

Two things that I'm not 100% crazy about. One is the lining. The lining is fabric and has pink and red flowers with some blue highlights. I don't think it works with the outside of the bag, but while I don't hate it, it just doesn't really make sense to me. 

The second thing that I'm slightly picky about is the narrow opening of the bag. When trying to quickly get in and out of the bag, my hands do rub against the zipper and it's not the most pleasant feeling. I'm also fairly careful with my bags and I find myself paying extra attention to all the embellishments surrounding the opening. 

This is a small handbag that fits all your essentials. For me, since I do not carry a laptop for work, I can use this everyday. It's a great work bag, weekend bag, date night bag. It's not super casual but I love the vintage vibe it gives off which I think makes it more versatile than you would think. My co worker saw the bag and she loved it so much, she immediately ordered one for herself. 😆 I am such an enabler.

The bag also comes with a long crossbody strap that's the same color as the bag but I find myself using the short strap. The short strap is too short to wear over the shoulder. If it was just a few inches longer it would be possible, but probably not the most comfortable since the bag is boxy. I mainly carry it by hand or in the crook of my arm.

I've been using this bag ever since I got it and it's my favorite bag at the moment. Coach is really hitting it out of the ballpark lately. If you like the style but not a fan of the metallic color or the embellishments, there's a no frills pink version that's a great neutral for spring.

I've been meaning to do a little family shot of all my Coach bags that I've accumulated in a year. 😅 But since I haven't gotten to that yet, here's some individual photos of each.

Swagger 21 Butterflies - (old)

 That's it for me this week! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. I love this bag!! Nice one! It looks really nice with the outfit you paired it with.

    1. Thanks Sarah!I find it really easy to wear with any kind of outfit.

  2. So cute. Happily brought my Coach with me to work as well today. I can't wait to get another one!

    1. I have a lot of respect for Coach lately. I think their quality especially their 1941 line- rivals the premier designers these days. I'm looking forward to their future releases!

  3. Gorgeous bag and love the matte metallic color! Definitely would love to see a family picture of them!


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