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First Purchase of the Year! Lunar New Year Free To Be Wild Bra & Speed Up Short

Another weekend over! They always go by too fast. Went to the mall today for some try ons, so I'll have a nice fit review coming up for you all on Friday. Just a quick post tonight. I'd like to share my first purchase of the year! Lunar New Year Free To Be Wild Bra in artisan spring print. I love the colors and always go through my bras pretty quickly. 

The tag is a thicker cardboard with red and gold. Fancy!

This one is lined with black on the inside which is a nice contrast.

Also picked up another Free To Be Wild Bra Purple Quartz Dark Chrome on final sale. I paired it with sunrise silhouette Speed Up Short and I think it works nicely. Although I wouldn't mind having the matching bra too. It's on my wishlist. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Also in case you missed it, these hit WMTM.


  1. The Purple Quartz Dark Chrome FTBW bra is really nice! I’m a sucker for purples and greys! :). The Lunar New Year one, on the other hand, is a bit too fancy for me but I’m glad you love it! I was at a store over the weekend and was told that a lot of people were interested in the Lunar New Year line. I guess different items appeal to different people which is good. Definitely not my cup of tea though.

    Can’t wait to read your fit review on the coming Friday! Can you hint what items you’ll be reviewing? :)

    1. To be honest I think I would only consider that print in a bra. It's a little loud but it works on something small. But yes the purple and gray combo is very nice. Since it's on WMTM, why not? =)

      As for Friday it's a store try on review. Some Defines, Scuba Hoodie, Sundown Wrap, Speed Short (pictured). The Sundown Wrap is the one stand out item. I was very surprised!

  2. The FTBW CYN print is really pretty in your photos! I didn't like it too much online bc it looks busy. I got my Wunder Under Flocked in the mail (velvet trim one) and it seems to fit smaller than my usual size 2 just because of the lack of stretch. It makes it harder to put on but once it's on I love how it fits and it doesn't feel too tight. The length is a little long but it still looks nice folded/scrunched (I got the black color). The top does have a waistband that I don't mind but they're probably not your go to buffet leggings lol. I haven't worn it to workout yet.

    1. Ah thanks for the review on the flocked WU. I was at the store over the weekend and got to try on a flocked Define Jacket. I did notice it had zero stretch and was pretty tight on me. The color was nice and also marked down to $64. I passed though! It also felt stiff to me. Not comfy to wear.


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