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Upload! February 20th 2018

Just want to thank everyone who has left me a message about Sherlock. After reading them all I cried. I just miss him so much. His cute little face and how he would be so happy just to sit in my lap. I can't believe I'll never hold his fuzzy little body ever again. Thank you again, every message meant a lot to me.

I'm going to need some retail therapy and blogging is a good distraction for me. These so merlot Align Crops are calling my name. My other problem is the length. The 21 inch is too long on my short legs, so if I am going to buy anymore Align Crops, I will have to get them hemmed to 19 inches. It's so sad. I do have these in my cart though. I may place a small order, anything for you tonight?

(This color is really pretty too. I wish these tanks weren't so long on me though)

(I like the color, just not sure I like it in this jacket though)

(I just got my vintage grape Define in the mail and love the color, I'll have pics up soon)

(This is reversible which is kind of interesting. I really like the green trim. Pink and green is one of my favorite color combos!)

(I just got the dark mystic color and love it. Might need to get this one too)


  1. Again, so sorry about Sherlock. Hope you are ok. Retail therapy is a great idea for you at this time. I am so with you with the so Merlot color! It’s very tempting. Haven’t seen it irl. Lately, the lulu pics don’t depict the true color. If it’s a lighter shade irl, might look too ‘nude’ on me. Anyway, have fun shopping , I mean have a good ‘therapy’ session. 8-)


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