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Happy February!! My new Challenge for the month!

For January my goal for the month was to drink 64 oz of water a day.  Did I make it?  Yes, I did!  I tracked all the water or tea (no sugar) to my Fitbit app every day.  Once I completed the daily water intake, I made a smiley face on my Commit30 calendar.

Notice my reward?  Damn right, I wanted my leggings!

Now for February, my goal for this month is to be super frugal.  Only buy what I need.  So basically this narrows my purchases to food and if I need shampoo or conditioner because I've run out of my Head & Shoulders.  That's really all I can think of.  So no cute clothes, or shoes, or scarves.  No new t-shirts from Hot Topic.  No new make up from Sephora.  No Funkos for me this month.  No Lululemon.  Do you guys know what Funko Pops are?  If you don't, do not Google them.  They are so cute and addictive.  No new nothing!  For 28 days.  Oops, make that 29 days.  This year is a Leap Year.  Darn it. 

Not exactly sure what I want as a reward for this?  

I'm doing this challenge because I want to know how much I only really need to spend to get by in one month.  For the month of January I spent quite a bit of money, but 20% of what I spent went to gifts.  There were late Christmas presents and a birthday present I needed to buy.  And then there was about $600 I spent on clothing that I really didn't need.  

I did this challenge a few years ago, but I didn't actually keep track of every dollar I spent.  So this will be eye opening for me.  Hopefully.  Life changing?  We shall see.  For those who want to join me, we will be in this together!  Misery loves company!  

Last night in preparation for my frugal February, I did purchase my reward.  I have 2 awesome pairs of Werkshop Leggings coming to me.  I bought the Circus Girl leggings as my reward, and my awesome husband bought me the Butterflies pair for my birthday that's coming up this week.  There's a few others I would like to have but I'm trying to be as good as possible.  


Circus Girl

I am SOOOOO excited to get these, I literally cannot wait!!!!

Now, I'll still go into Lululemon to check out their new stuff every week like I normally do.  However, I will feel so bad trying things on and not purchasing any of it.  I will have to try and rotate the 2 stores I frequent.  Do you guys feel bad trying on ten items and then saying no to all of them at the store?  I was thinking about buying something if I did that, but returning the item the next week at a different store.  Hah!  Talk about First World Problems.  


  1. I'm so happy you are getting your butterfly tights!!! And the circus ones, too! Awesome!
    As for buying and returning, I'm
    afraid I'm guilty. Going in to a store is bad, but trying on items is the kiss of death. There's no escaping! But when I do manage to walk out empty handed, I'm very proud of myself. In some ways, shopping online is less dangerous for me.

  2. By the way, yesterday I went to lululemon, bought a hoodie, then returned it an hour later. Talk about problems!

    1. That made me laugh out loud! I'm actually debating if I want to return the Scuba Hoodie I bought last week. I just have sooooo many. I love the zipper but really, if I think about it am I just keeping it because of the zipper?!

    2. I bought the black speckled scuba III because it was sold out online in my size and I had read about someone raving about it. Basically I bought it for all the wrong reasons! So I shook my head, thought about all the jackets/hoodies I already owned, and returned it. I reminded myself that the jackets I already owned were even nicer than the scuba. So back it went!

    3. I'm also going to return the Turn Jacket as I don't need it. Gotta start February off right!

    4. Wow! Good for you! I'll decide tomorrow about my Scuba Hoodie. But I'm leaning towards returning. If so I'll drop buy the store sometime this week.


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