Recent purchases- High Times Pant Nulux, Vinyasa Scarf Capri Black, Athleta Luxe Stronger Hoodie Oatmeal

December 5, 2016

Just wanted to show some photos of my new Vinyasa Scarf in Capri Black.  I haven't bought a new Vinyasa in forever, but I really love how saturated the blue is.  It's also made of rulu and super soft.

Here I'm wearing it with my Luxe Stronger Hoodie.  Are you guys sick of it yet?  I'm totally loving it.  I've been wearing this one a lot.

I ended up ordering the High Times Pant in Iridescent Nulux before I went to the store to try them all on last week.  So I was going to return them but tried it again and now I'm leaning towards keeping these.  This pair fits much better than the one I tried on at the store.  There was no white fading at the waist band which makes me think the one at the store was cut too small.  

I'm a fan of Nulux and really love how they feel.  I find them not to be see through but in a deep squat they do stretch white a little bit.  I still have the tags on and I have until January 8th to return these.  What do you guys think?  

Yay or Nay?  

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  1. Love the whole outfit! The color of the vinyasa is amazing. By the way, have you tried the Scuba IV in heathered nocturnal teal? It was flying off the shelf in the store I visited. The color is gorgeous and the fabric is sooo soft. Thank you for drawing my attention to heathered fabric :). It is a little on the thin side though so I left it behind but have not stopped thinking about it.

    1. Yes I have! I have a review of it here- Ended up passing because I couldn't get over the design change of the logo and it felt thinner and not as nice as the III. While the color is really pretty, overall I'm much happier with the Athleta hoodie!

  2. I love the color of your vinyasa scarf!!
    I like how it feels but it's little too heavy for my taste so i dont wear them often. I prefer my other wool/silk blended scarf from rag &bone.
    I ordered lux hoodie xs in black and xxs in oatmeal, hoping xxs fits better. I don't need another hoodie but i think i need one with fur lining!!
    I cant still decide to keep or return Iridescent multi HT either. I love how nulux feels. I like the print but not in love. When i go to store this week, i will try fast and free 7/8 and will decide what to keep.

    1. I have about 4 vinyasas and wear them a lot when it gets colder. Other than that I also really like McQueen scarves. I was bad an just bought one... but then I also sold 3 old ones to make up for it!

      Let me know what you think of the Luxe Hoodie.

      Yeah same here on Nulux HT. At least we still have a month to decide. If I find another pair I like better I'll return it.

  3. Love the scarf and hoodie...not so sure about the High Times...they're not that special IMHO

    1. That seems to be the consensus. They're just so damn comfy!


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