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Mask Review! Athleta, Rothy's & Werkshop

I had this great plan to do a photo shoot of my Seawheeze order, over the weekend except... I still have not received it! It's been sitting at the same location since Wednesday. It's been eleven days since it was shipped. I literally can't believe how long it's taking to arrive. I have a feeling when it does get here, the box or bag will be in tatters. Sigh.

I had to come up with a plan B post. I've been planning on reviewing my face masks, so here we are. My top favorites are Athleta, Werkshop, and Rothy's. All three have pros and cons. None of them are perfect. 

I'll review Rothy's face masks first. They are very large masks and easily cover my husband's face. They have comfortable ear loops (not adjustable) and are easy to breath in. These are made of recycled plastic bottles!

I'm wearing a Coach mask. Hubby is wearing Rothy's.

It fits my husband's face better.

The mask is a little too large for my face, but it's okay as long as I do not look down. If I look down, the bottom of the mask hits my throat which makes it slightly uncomfortable, but it's okay if I'm only wearing it for a short time. This mask has a crease down the middle, which makes it easy to breath and talk in. They are very sturdy and a little on the stiff side. 


The inside does have some felt lining on the bridge of the nose and on the sides. Now I do have a few issues with the mask. The masks have some kind of weird smell to them. It's a little unpleasant to be honest. I've washed it a bunch of times to see if it would go away and so far it hasn't. The inside of the mask is also textured as you can see. It's not the softest because it is knitted, so it does feel a little scratchy to the skin if it moves around on your face.

(It folds up very nicely though.)

Side note, I'm also eyeing these gorgeous Mary Jane's in golden gingham. I've always loved the marigold yellow and these look so vintage. Sometimes I like the vintage boho look. They're on my fall wishlist. 

(So pretty!!!)

These Lace Up sneakers are also on my list. They're so pricey though! If anyone is interested I do have a referral link for $20 off your first order. I like vanilla and spearmint the best.

Next up, we have the Athleta face masks. I really like them because they have a wire along the nosebridge which makes it stand out from the other masks. You can bend it along the shape of your nose and this allows you to breath easily and if you wear glasses like me, it helps prevent fogging up. The pleats also allow you to customize the coverage for your face. The one thing that is not great is how hot you get while wearing it. For some reason I definitely feel like this mask makes my face run really hot. I'm sure this will be perfect once the weather cools down a little. They're also the easiest on the wallet. You get five per pack and the pack cost $30. The fabric is soft and I have no other issues with this mask.

(Woven fabric and ear loops are adjustable!)

(Wire is along the top stitched in.)

Last but not least, I've reviewed Werkshop Masks before and you can read it here. Quick summary, I love the artwork. I think they're gorgeous and fun to wear. They do run a little smaller than the other masks I've tried. These are made of the same fabric as their athleisure leggings and because of that the fabric is very soft so if you don't have the mask on just right, the fabric makes it hard to breath at times. Basically when you inhale, the fabric will be pulled in and goes right against your nostrils. It can be annoying. This mask would definitely benefit with a wire for the nose bridge. 

(Has pockets for filters. Ear loops are not adjustable but stretchy.)

These are pricey- $26 a pop. Yikes! That said, I do love this gorgeous Rose Mask. I'm a sucker for anything limited edition. 😆

Out of the three I would say the best ones are probably Athleta. I did not review the Coach mask I'm wearing in the picture with my husband because they are completely sold out and doesn't look like they are restocking. I find them to run a little small but they are comfortable.

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Thanks for the review! I was wondering about the athleta and werkshop masks. I purchased masks from yoga society tie dye collection. They are made from soft material too- same problem with the werkshop masks. Inhale and the masks sucks in. Also, the tie dye masks did not look like the pic. My favorite mask is from Kate spade! Pretty floral, good material, has a nose bridge adjustment and adjustable ear loops. I should buy another before they sell out! Love how you slipped the shoes into the review! Lol. Hope you get your sw order soon. Mine came in 3 days. I was totally surprised too. I had put an order in for the visor and flock jacket. Then when I saw your post and found out it was a final sale- I quickly called (within 20 mins of ordering) and tried to cancel. I explained that I just ordered it not realizing it was a final sale. So she issued a return! Super nice and understanding. Anyway, the item came, I didn’t like the inside, rough. Cute jacket but it probably would have been worn once. Glad she gave me an RA!! Well, looking forward to your next review!

    1. Ahhh lucky you got yours so fast! I don't know what's taking my Seawheeze order so long but it says it should be here today. We'll see. I'm a little scared since it is finale sale too. =T

      I heard Kate Spade has some nice ones. I need to check those out.

  2. Thanks for the mask review, Leslie! The Rose Mask is really pretty but I wish it covers more of the face!

    I believe Althela masks are pretty much the same as the Old Navy (no wire along bridge of nose) and the GAP (with wires) ones. Both even come with adjustable straps for the new versions and some patterns are really pretty. However, they don’t come with a pocket for filter so I am on the fence. I want more protection In places like malls or supermarkets. I would bring with me a cloth mask (no filter) out for a walk in the neighborhood, just in case social distancing is an issue, but wouldn’t wear them inside a store.

    The Rothy one seems to be well made and I love how it fits on the face, but the material does look like it doesn’t breath well. In the meantime, you don’t want the material to be too thin and not holdIng up well, clinging into your face with every breath lol.

    Why is it so hard to find a perfect cloth mask? :D

    1. It isn't easy finding the perfect mask. If you do find one let me know LOL! It would have been nice for Athleta to have a pocket for a filter. Would have been almost perfect. I'm kind of surprised Lululemon didn't come out with their own version of a mask!

  3. Those rothy flats and sneakers are SOOO CUTE! Love the gingham bow.

    1. Heheh aren't they!!!! Sigh. Wish they weren't soooo expensive.

  4. I really wanted to try the Athleta masks—the other kind that come in a 3 pack—but the shipping date kept getting delayed. I got annoyed and ended up cancelling. I’m actually happy it didn’t work out since the reviews aren’t great for that style and they’re, of course, final sale. This is 3 of 3 Old Navy/Gap/Athleta orders that failed to ship within a week of ordering, though. I still haven’t tried anything Athleta, but I’m kinda done trying to try.

    1. When I ordered my masks from Athleta they were on backorder. I think it took 1-2 weeks before they shipped out. This was a couple of months ago too. I would think they wouldn't be as backed up now though... masks are easier to get these days.

  5. Thank you for the review! The Rothy's mask looks gorgeous. Among the few masks that I have tried, Athleta Everyday mask is my favorite in terms of fit and breathability (too breathable is not a good thing!). It is funny that they have been out of stock but back in stock this morning when I checked again. I ordered two more packs. My mother-in-law will finally get a few of her own since she has been asking about mine :).

    Have you received your SW merch yet? I am particularly interested in the fit of the swiftly. By the way, a pair of shorts that I ordered last Tuesday after a morning restock has not been shipping yet. I think it depends on which warehouse they are shipped from. The ones in Ohio (and Buffalo NY?) are pretty fast, but the one in Sumner WA is always super slow.

    1. LOL at too breathable is not a good thing! This is true. But yes I agree out of the ones I have tried the Athleta is probably the best one of the lot. Do you happen to get really hot when wearing those?

      Yes I finally received my Seawheeze order yesterday!! Took 12 days to arrive. Insane. I think that's the longest I've ever had to wait for a Lulu order. The Swiftly short sleeve seems like it runs small. It's really tight around the shoulders and arms. Not sure if I got bigger on top from lifting more, but at the same time I haven't tried on a regular Swiftly SS in a long time, I prefer the relaxed fit. The Swiftly racerback seems like the fit is normal I didn't have any issues with the racerback tank.


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